ABSI - far beyond system integration

On 26 October 2016     By Samuel De Rycke      Salesforce

Wondering where the next significant Salesforce community event is going to be? We’ve all been there: so many conferences to visit, so many to choose from. For us, ABSI's Salesforce Die-Hards, it’s clear. Having just returned from Dreamforce, Salesforce’s own conference, the next Salesforce destination for our tour bus is already on the horizon! Next Stop: Paris, French Touch Dreamin', November 17th

This event is hosted and backed by some of the most prominent members of the Salesforce community in France. It aims to provide a day full of education, networking and entertainment around anything regarding Salesforce. For a first edition they have attracted an array of speakers from around the world. 

We’re honoured to announce that team ABSI will be presenting two separate sessions.
We’d be happy to see you there!

Lightning Application Architecture

Lieven and Thomas will share some of our experiences in the architecture and design of Lightning applications with the Salesforce Lightning Component Framework. Our Lightning Chess application is an easy to understand example that can guide you to understand using Lightning Components in a step by step approach. 

Salesforce Certification

Certifications are one of my focus points. Since I've first written about them I’ve increased the count to being 11 times Salesforce certified. Our rich implementation experience and learning opportunities at ABSI have helped myself and everyone in the team to go through many of the official Salesforce Certifications. I will share some of our lessons learnt and the approaches that have been most successful to us in getting certified.

See you in Paris on November 17th!