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On 15 December 2016     By Julie Minner      Digital-Marketing , Marketing-Automation , Pardot , Salesforce

Marketing automation and Pardot. During the Breakout Session about Einstein Salesforce lifted a tip of the veil and demoed a few things we will be able to do with Salesforce Einstein in the Sales Cloud and Pardot. Things look very promising, so I’m already looking forward to the first release which is expected in 2017.

Predictive intelligence for Grading and Scoring

At ABSI I have been working with Pardot for more than 2 years now. We use Pardot ourselves and we also help clients with the setup, implementation and Pardot user training. Most of them immediately reap the benefits of starting with marketing automation.

Pardot is a great tool and simplifies the life of a marketer by
  • automating routine tasks
  • email sending
  • social posting
  • event registrations follow-up

The Grading and Scoring functionality is also one of Pardot’s strengths because it allows you to automate your lead qualification process.


When it comes to the fact how you can implement the Grading and Scoring the answer is not that straightforward.

First of all because both functionalities are very business specific and they are based on many different and hard to measure factors such as your business’ requirements and features of your targeted prospects. Even though there are some general rules of thumb, the most efficient way to design your Grading and Scoring process in Pardot is through Trial and Error: based on historical reporting and market research you can modify your automations, scoring rules and profiles so they will pass on better leads to your sales team.

For all marketers who are familiar with the frustration that marketing is not an exact science, and who are confronted with the challenge of passing on qualified leads to sales, Salesforce Einstein has an answer ready.

Salesforce will introduce predictive lead scoring to the Sales Cloud. This will work as follows: Salesforce Einstein will search for patterns in historical sales paths (Visitor > Prospect > Opportunity > Closed Won) and based on its findings marketers and sales reps will receive notifications which will suggest changes to be made in automations to better predict qualified leads in the future.

Can you imagine what a burden this will take away from marketers who have been struggling to configure the Grading and Scoring process in Pardot? Einstein will make sure that better qualified leads will be send to the sales team.

If you would like to have more information about our marketing automation services you can get in touch to discuss a customized solution.