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On 12 July 2016     By Ymte Veenstra      Salesforce , Work-at-ABSI

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Ymte Veenstra, who recently joined us as Digital Marketer, offers a look into his first week with ABSI, including his introduction to Salesforce at the Essentials event in Mechelen.

The very first week

I started at ABSI excited to utilize everything I learned so far in my HBO Communications. My ABSI journey began on the 6th of June this year. I was  a little nervous. What will it be like working as a Digital Marketer? How are my colleagues going to be like? What are the core services from ABSI proposing on the market?

I soon found out I was going to work with friendly and intelligent colleagues. I felt at ease when I entered the office and was warmly welcomed at the reception. The first day went by very fast: together with another newcomer Majdi, I got an introduction of the employee manual and we were introduced to everybody in the office.

During the following days, I received  lots of guidance from my colleagues. I felt very appreciated as they encouraged me immediately to take  on responsibilities and tasks. No matter which challenge I faced, there was always a colleague happy to help me find my way at ABSI. This makes me eager to tackle the challenges yet to come. I experienced a rollercoaster of new information and ways of working that I had never seen before, especially in the Salesforce.com platform.

Luckily, I received a Salesforce.com presentation by Benny who is part of the ABSI management. Benny is passionate about the Salesforce.com solutions and all the innovations they bring. His presentation gave me a much better understanding how all the Salesforce Clouds work individually and combinedly. Benny told me that Salesforce is a learning path that will never end, which I soon found out by doing an online training course of Pardot.  I am still very proud about how much I have learned in a short amount of time!  

ABSI has a management team that supports individual growth and initiatives. It's a challenging environment where everybody can develop fully and where people are able to give  their own input. The employees determine the success of ABSI. But that’s not all! At ABSI, Developers and Consultants have a good time together! Whether it’s going on a company team building or  a learning to play golf in Holland, fun is guaranteed. If you are a skilled and enthusiastic IT-Professionals interested in joining us, you can find our current vacancies here.

Salesforce Essentials

On Tuesday 21st of June, ABSI was present at Salesforce Essentials in the congress center Lamot, Mechelen. This was a jumpstart for me as this is a conference where 500 people can gain more understanding about this cutting edge solution. I felt lucky that just two weeks after joining, I could be part of that event!

The Salesforce Essentials are held in multiple cities across the globe where the Salesforce team presents step-by-step demonstrations, together with live customers and partners success stories.  For me it was a big dive attending this event, which had so much to offer.

As one of the key players in the Salesforce ecosystem, ABSI had it's own booth where customers and prospects could meet our Consultants and Developers.

Salesforce 2016 Absi booth

At our booth we showcased our core values and our Salesforce Lightning Checkmate.

In the morning, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Salesforce executives, industry-leading customers, partners and product experts. The Salesforce professionals were available for answers and explanations.

The keynote sessions


During the first keynote Session, Polly Sumner (Chief Adoption Officer of Salesforce) introduced “the Age of the Customer”. This was the main underlying theme of the event and established the framework for the whole programme:

Customers have become smarter, faster and more in control like never before because technology, mobility, and the Internet (the great equalizers) have disorganized every industry. To serve this new customer experience, Salesforce has introduced the new Salesforce Lightning experience.

After that Salesforce foundation showcased WeForest, a Belgian and US non-profit organization.As a reforestation movement, WeForest is putting trees back where they belong to migrate climate change, to protect the water cycle, to promote biodiversity and healthy soil, and to support livelihoods. WeForest has already planted more than 12 million trees in equatorial regions, with 50 million more scheduled in the next four years. Very impressive.

This was followed by Mattel success story and demo. The demo started with a consumer buying a new Hotwheels car in the Mattel shop. It was amazing to see how the Salesfore Marketing Cloud and Salesforce service clouds worked together in this customer journey.

I really enjoyed the Salesforce Essentials. For me it was a very inspiring event, as all attendees saw how a company could transform their business and become more successful.

My conclusion of this event: Salesforce shows companies how to liaise and build a trust relationship with their clients in a whole new way. Customers can run their work from their phones, create 1-to-1 customer excursions and make smarter, more accurate predictions from anywhere in real time. This makes Salesforce a platform that has an unlimited potential. The Age of the Customer has just begun.

Salesfore Essentials in Mechelen was big to me but in fact small compared to the Salesforce WorldTour in Amsterdam (8,000 visitors); and tiny compared with the Salesforce Dreamforce events in San Francisco in October, which 100,000 people are visiting. Of course ABSI will be present there too.The Belgian market is in an initial state and has a lot of growth potential. Do you also want Salesforce to transform your business?