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On 08 December 2016     By Simon Govaert      Salesforce

French Touch Dreamin’”. It proved to be an educative day, jam packed full of amazing Salesforce content. 

This event was the first Salesforce community led event ever in Paris, hosted and backed by some of the most prominent members of the French Salesforce community. 

The participants were not only from France, but from the 5 continents (I can’t wait for Oceania. Surely next time !). 

At ABSI we are passionately part of the Salesforce community, so some of my colleagues were motivated to present and share their Salesforce expertise.

The kickoff of my day

I started with the breakfast. With a full stomach comes a hungry spirit, so I went ahead and met the other attendees.

Jean-Michel Mougeolle and the French Touch Dreamin team welcomed the attendees and introduced the day program.

The HyperBatch relies on the PK Chunk (Javascript Library) to cut all the records into pieces. Coupled with that, it uses the Remote Action of Salesforce, which is a feature to create/update/delete data from Salesforce which is in Javascript as well. Because it's in that language, it relies on the computer's power and not on the server. It allows the batch to run much faster and smoother (Up to 85% saved time on the execution).

  • Mike Tetlow - Lightning Component State Management Best Practises
    This Session provided us with a new and interesting vision on how to implement the Lightning Component with an observer. The idea would be that all the components were “dummy”, and one observer was gathering the state of all components. The main advantage would be debugging and coding in the same place.
  • Louis Dawkins & Adam Pearless - The Lightning Process Builder
    For developers that want to have a broad sight of Salesforce this admin session was great. Admins need to have a powerful tool and the Lightning Process Builder enabled a lot of features to that effect. For example, in a few clicks, they were able to lock a record after a modification.

The Demo Jam

After the Breakout Sessions it was the time for the Demo Jam! Normally a Demo Jam is showcased online, but here the application vendors did it live. Every vendor had 3 minutes to showcase an app to the audience. These applications all came from the AppExchange.
Eventually scores were so close to each other that the Demo Jam ended in a draw for all vendors.

ABSI winning the Trailhead Dev Quiz

After the Demo Jam a trailhead quiz contest was held! The fastest to give the right answers could win prizes! Although there was a tough competition from User Group Leaders my colleague Thomas answered all the questions correctly, so he won the Trailhead Dev Quiz !

Afternoon Sessions

I attended following session in the afternoon:

  • Samuel de Rycke - Getting Certified - Proven tips for success.
    This session was done by my colleague Samuel. It was aimed at every actor in the Salesforce ecosystem. Samuel explained and showed general tips for preparing each type of certification. He also gave extremely useful ressources. Here are the slides of his presentation:
  • Peter Chittum - Next Generation Developer Experience with SFDX
    SFDX is a new interface for developers to work with. A Command Line Interface (CLI) as they say. It allows the users to create/update/delete metadata in orgs in simple command lines. Peter created a sandbox in an impressive 30 seconds !
  • Thomas Cherlet - Lightning Development CloudRebelz style.
    This was a presentation showing the new features of the Lightning Development that the company uses on a regular basis. Awesome tools, such as the browser extension Salesforce Lightning Inspector.
  • Lieven Juwet & Thomas Gonstas - Lightning Chess : The fun way to learn the Lightning Component Framework
    Another session from my colleagues from ABSI who did a great presentation of Lieven’s well known Lightning Chess.

Closing keynote by Peter Coffee

Peter Coffee, the ‎VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce ended the day. His speech was truly inspiring and motivating.
He showed how companies and technologies can improve the user’s experience of their customers.
He used his flight to Paris as an example. After landing he received a survey into his email: “We wanted to know how your flight was, and your satisfaction about it”. With the current technology it is possible to know that the luggage had been delayed by 30 minutes, and that it had damaged his user’s experience.

To give every client an optimal user experience Einstein, the Artificial Intelligence from Salesforce makes apps smarter. Einstein is build into the core of the Salesforce Platform and distributes advanced AI capacities to sales, service, and marketing. 

It will know that the luggage carrier was late. The email that will be sent to the customer, will contain a message that is most relevant with the circumstance, so in this case: 

 “We know that the luggage carrier was delayed, we want to apologize for your inconvenience. Is there any other thing you want to mention?”

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