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On 23 December 2016     By Evi Favaits , Anaïs Loits      Salesforce

This Personal branding was about being yourself – your best self. It was about giving value, being of service, giving recognition, building relationships and supporting others.

Women have magnificent skills in building relationships. As businesses move from setting up transactions to nurturing relationships, managing your own personal brand becomes increasingly important. So this workshop was all about creating your own personal brand.

The 4 C’s of personal branding

We were kindly welcomed with a breakfast by the Salesforce women’s team. In the beginning all the attendees were smiling, quiet and curious about what was coming.

The workshop was driven by Michele Mees, co-founder of the Centre for Balanced Leadership.  

In order to promote your personal brand properly, we first have to get rid of some myths we may have about ourselves. For example: thinking that our work as women will speak for itself. Just doing a good job isn’t enough to be recognized and promoted. Or believing that our work is not that special, because your standards are very high. Often we are afraid to be seen as mean if we show that we have ambitions.

Michele taught us to reframe those thoughts in a positive way, using the 4 C’s of personal branding.

The 4c’s are the key messages for your own personal brand.

  1. Courage: it takes courage to stand out and it’s ok to be afraid. Just focus on your purposes.
  2. Clarity: It’s about constructing a memorable message to present yourself, presenting your strengths, values…your passion !
  3. Consistency: be consistent in the way you promote yourself, and do it on every possible channel (LinkedIn, Twitter, Business Cards, clothing…)
  4. Constancy: constantly expose yourself, don’t hide!  You are unique and you are wonderful.

Besides listening to Michèle, the workshop challenged us to master our personal brands. We received these missions : 1. presenting ourselves to the other attendees and 2.exploring all the communication channels we could manage. While doing the missions we used the 4 C's. Quickly everyone felt at ease and played the game with cheerful enthusiasm.

Michele finished the workshop with this quote :

It’s not about copying a masculine style of self promotion. It is about showing others how truly remarkable You are”.

This inspiring session was a great way to see how we could build on our personal brands and meeting other women working in IT in Belgium. We thank The Salesforce Women's Network Team for organizing this session and for inviting us. We definitely will be present at the next session!

At the end of the workshop ABSI had a little surprise for all participants. As ABSI promotes gender equality and female empowerment, we were happy to contribute by handing this book.

Sheryl is COO of Facebook and has been ranked as one of the 50 “Most powerful women in business” by Fortune Magazine. This book is inspirational and really worth reading, especially for women in technology.  It examines why women's progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled, explains the root causes, and offers solutions that can empower women to achieve their full potential.

Are you also interested in obtaining a copy? ABSI still has some books left.  Drop us an email with your address and we will be happy to send you a copy. Please specify if you want it in French , Dutch or English. This proposal is valid as long as we have books left so don’t wait too long….

Evi Favaits
Salesforce Developer / Mobile App Developer

Anaïs Loits
‎Salesforce Consultant