ABSI - far beyond system integration

Advanced Business & System Integration

Our Mission : "Integrating complex IT Systems and Enterprise Applications with a focus on Projects, within a core range of Products and Technologies. Providing Managed Services."

A key part of our service offering is quality of execution. This is based on a number of fundamental values that constitute the foundations of ABSI. Our colleagues value honesty and integrity and are willing to take initiatives and invest in their job. ABSI fosters its employees and they are given the chance to find the right balance between professional and personal life.

Together with our partners and employees, ABSI is permanently striving for innovation. We encourage investigating minds and their new ideas. We monitor closely the evolutions in the marketplace. Our customers, employees and partners all enjoy our way of working and the flexibility we can display. We have been known to make the impossible happen and care for our customers.

Constantly we invest in knowledge and training for our people whom are given the chance to evolve and do a job they can be proud of. The quality of the service we offer is another very important area of attention within our company. Our knowledge of products and technologies, combined with a good insight in the market allows us to maintain these quality levels and improve on them. Our services are ITIL compliant.

Our 6 key differentiators in IT project development