ABSI - far beyond system integration

Doubi Ajami - Founder & CEO

Doubi Ajami is one the founders of ABSI. Back in 1995 Doubi started ABSI with Dany De Vleeschhauwer and Abir Vlodaver. Today, Doubi is the CEO of ABSI.

Doubi is an active business angel supporting Belgian start-up with seed money. Up until 2005, Doubi was for more than 21 years full time Director of AB Computers a value added distributor of sophisticated IT products and technologies. Doubi is also one of the founders of ABC Soft, a value added distributor of leisure software, games, and utilities. Doubi is also one of the founders of Advanced Service Provider, a Belgian System Integator focusing on managed sevices.

Doubi graduated from the Solvay Business School in 1982 and worked after his studies at ADD-X Computers for 2 years (Apple/BM PC dealership) as a Sales Executive.

Sven Delporte - Operations Manager


Sven Delporte joined ABSI in 2006 as a cloud developer and architect, first in the Adobe Coldfusion technology, but switched to Salesforce development very fast after joining. Sven has a very strong technical background and always been, and still is very passionate by IT and Salesforce.com. It was in early 2000 when Sven started his career at Katoen Natie, that Sven discovered the world of web development with the at that time state of the art new technology of Macromedia  Ultradev 4 and Macromedia Coldfusion, which was later acquired by Adobe. A switch to Salesforce.com was a logical and right choice for Sven.

After years of implementing Salesforce.com, first as a developer but later as a technical architect, Sven switched roles to Operation management where he is in charge of resource allocation, cost control and a smooth delivery of all projects.

Benny Fajwlewicz - Innovation Manager

Benny Fajwlewicz joined the ABSI Salesforce.com team more than 8 years ago. He is one of the leaders of ABSI's Software as a Service practice today.

Benny has a deep technical background in software development combined with Sales & Marketing expertise. Benny is positively minded person, with real passion for new technology, and how to leverage it’s usage to make the  Enterprise more agile.

Benny's daily challenge is to try to make his entourage happy. Happy colleagues in their personal and professional live. Happy customers with their technology choices, and happy partners in their market presence.

Benny graduated from the INRACI School (Analyst & Programming) in Brussels in 1983 and has worked in the Telecom industry for 20 years before joining ABSI.

Jamie van der Meer - Country Manager Netherlands

Jamie joined ABSI Netherlands in 2015 as Country Director. In this role, Jamie is responsible for the significant growth of the ABSI Salesforce practice and the presence of ABSI on the Dutch market.

Jamie has a very deep product and technical know-how on the Force.com platform. He combines these skills and knowledge with a customer-focused vision. He has a strong determination to expand into new products and markets with a focus on implementation and has a strong belief in customer intimacy.

Before ABSI, Jamie worked for several years in the financial sector with an emphasis on Pensions and Insurance. After this period, he worked in the HR and Payroll industry in various commercial positions where he directed sales teams to achieve maximum results and revenues.

Jamie studied marketing and management and has a post bachelor in Employee Benefits focused on non-profit markets.

Léon Campéas - Financial Officer & Director

Léon Campéas joined ABSI’s team more than 10 years ago, with more than 20 years experience in Finance. Léon has a wide experience of management in IT companies being in charge of the Accountancy & Finance.

Léon has responsibility for the whole Accounting with quarterly closing process & reporting, taxes, cash flow forecasting, credit control & statutory accounts in collaboration with our auditor. Léon has also responsibility along with the management team for the elaboration of the yearly budget & quarterly budget control.

In 1988, Léon co-founded and managed, as a CFO, for 15 years an IT business from seed to IPO on the EuroNext Market (on the Brussels Stock Exchange) with the company LinkSoftware, a groupware software editor and vendor. Léon's main activities during this period were: fundraising, hiring & procurement procedures, analysis & reports for the board of directors as well for the public shareholders and a UK venture capitalist. He started this company from scratch... with a lot of stress, success and failures, but it was a great human experience.

Léon graduated from the ICHEC Business School in 1986 and was in the army during one year just after his studies.