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On 13 October 2017     By Guest Writer      Salesforce

The better you know your customers, the more effective you can help them reach their goals. This in itself is nothing new. B2B customers inform themselves before any buying decision is made and expect a knowledgeable salesperson who also understands their business. New applications such as Artificial Sales Intelligence make it a lot easier for sales teams to be a credible, well informed resource for new or existing customers. 

Traditional Sales & Marketing methodologies don't work like they used to. Cold calling or Direct Marketing as Lead generation methodologies are not effective any more. Customers consider 'cold' contact from Sales and Account Managers as a nuisance, unless you are able to provide added value. We're moving from the traditional mantra of ABC (Always Be Closing) to ABH (Always Be Helping).

Do you want to be more relevant to your customers? Make sure you are there when your customers need you. Understand their needs and understand how your offering can help fulfill that need. Timing is essential. But how do you know when a customer is receptive to the added value you can offer? Enter: Sales Triggers!

Well informed with Sales Triggers 

Customers typically have the same access to information as Sales does. Everyone does online research prior to any buying decision. There is no more information disparity. Still, you need to know when a customer is looking for information or knowledge that you can provide. This is where Sales Triggers come in. Sales Triggers are events that you can use to get in touch with a prospect or customer. Such an event can have an impact on the organization, such as Leadership changes, M&A activity, new product announcements, or winning industry awards.  

With Sales Triggers you know what is going in. The information is collected from a variety of sources such as news articles, but also Social Media channels and Industry reports. They offer an opportunity to get in touch. A chance to provide your added value. On top of that, it helps you to keep up to date with whatever is going on with that organization and the Industry it operates in. The fact that a specific trigger is relevant depends on the industry. Different types of triggers require a different response.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce also recognized the importance of monitoring customers & prospects. In October 2015 Account Insights was launched for the English language market. Account Insights monitors selective news sources to find company news. For the European market it is of limited use.

For HowardsHome this was further acknowledgement of the importance of this type of information. 

We worked with ABSI to develop the HowardsHome Sales Trigger app and placed it into the Salesforce AppExchange: You can find it here, and try it for free for 30 days.  

The Sales Trigger component can be added to an Account Page or to the Leads or Opportunity pages. Based on the domain of the website that is associated with the account, highly relevant news articles & other publications are shown. 

Since there is only limited space available on the Account pages, you can also click through to get a more extensive overview.

If you are using Chatter, you can follow any organization there too. If there is an important event, Sales Triggers will post the relevant information on your Chatter feed and notify you on your desktop or mobile.

Clicking on any of the items allows you to share them in your Social Network. For your convenience all the items are color coded, so you can select the important items. Sales Triggers categories are: 
  • Chamber of Commerce notification, such as mergers, new owners, etc. 
  • Financial investments, M&A activities, etc 
  • Personnel, new leadership appointments 
  • Awards, any award or certification the company is involved with 
  • Announcement: New products or services 
  • Real estate: new offices or relocation. 
Experience what Sales Triggers can do for your organization: install it now from the Salesforce AppExchange. You can try it for free for 30 days.

Léontine de Koning
Marketing & Sales Consultant