ABSI - far beyond system integration

On 20 June 2012     By Benny Fajwlewicz      Cloud , Data-Integration , Pervasive

ABSI and Pervasive had a stand at this event and were jointly Gold sponsors. Billed as "The Evolution of Cloud Computing - Social, Mobile and Open", the event focused on the vision for the Social Enterprise - to leverage social media to connect with customers and employees. Contact us to find out how ABSI and Pervasive can turn that vision into reality in your enterprise using the Salesforce platform.

The Fast Track to the Social Enterprise

ABSI with Pervasive can help you to become a social enterprise, and to leverage the social media revolution. You will connect with customers, employees and partners like never before.

Think Power

ABSI is a System and Application Integrator. We provide cloud solutions, consulting, development and integration expertise. What makes us unique is our "THINKING WITH THE CUSTOMER" approach. We think through the project from the very start, overcome any difficulties and come up with optimal solutions that work well and are implemented and delivered fast and efficiently and cost-effectively. Ask us about our FAST TRACK solutions : CRM, Service, Social Enterprise, Force.com.

ABSI was the first Salesforce.com Partner in Belgium and is also growing in The Netherlands! With a huge portfolio of successful Salesforce implementations to date, we have in-depth expertise and valuable experience.

Cloud Data Integration with Pervasive

ABSI partner Pervasive Software is a data integration market leader with impressive, flexible and cost-effective out of the box solutions. Via Pervasive solutions we can integrate on-premise (legacy) systems with cloud-based applications or any integration configuration you require. Even cloud-based integration is possible with Integration as a Service which we deliver via the Pervasive DataCloud® solution. ABSI uses Pervasive Universal Connectivity solutions for back-office integration.

What ABSI can do for you

  • Business Process Review and Analysis
  • Associated process design and blueprint
  • Study of organisational alignment // Project objectives
  • Full solution design (solution architecture)
  • Phased approach
  • Project Management (including a full project plan with detailed planning, milestones and deadlines)
  • Salesforce.com Setup, Customization, workflow
  • Force.com Developments: Build any application
  • Data // Application integration (with enterprise systems, partners, web portals) & Mobile integration
  • Data Preparation // Cleansing // Import // Synchronisation
  • Admin and user training & Best practice knowledge transfer