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On 24 June 2012     By Doubi Ajami      Cloud , Google-Apps

In a recent study, Gartner conclude that Google Apps is taking significant business from Microsoft Cloud-office. It seems the in-roads are being made in both email and in personal productivity suites and is not what Gartner had expected in its previous market research.

Gartner reveals that compared to Microsoft, Google appears to be gaining one-third to one-half of new, paid-for, cloud-based office system seats. The in-depth study looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both offerings. The strange thing is that despite Microsoft's predominant position in on premise productivity and mail solution, and Microsoft's own solution in the cloud, Google, a new player in the enterprise market, is gaining traction and Google's market performance is exceeding the previous expectations of Gartner. Why is this happening ?

Gartner Recommendations

  • Customers of either solution are advised to have their IT maintain and evolve pilots of the other vendor's offerings for non-IT users and to monitor visible and hidden costs and user benefits.
  • Recognition that Web-based suites and alternative device apps will continue to increase in importance.
  • Ask Large enterprises to consider best-of-breed components and subsystems to optimize user effectiveness instead of best-integrated suites that optimize IT efficiency.

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