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On 10 June 2013     By ABSI      Cloud , Salesforce

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Radian6

What is Radian6?

Radian6 of Salesforce is a powerful social listening and monitoring tool. You can analyze your online presence, follow conversations about your business, identify leads and even improve your customer service - all in real time.

Our Salesforce team now has an expert in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with in-depth knowledge of Radian6.  We can help you acquire the capability for your business with the leading proven, cloud platform and with speedy, efficient implementation.


But why does Social Listening matter?

The popularity of social networks has simply exploded  over the last few years. No longer just about friends connecting, they have become places where people discuss ideas, products, brands, trends, issues, your business and your competitors. Online conversations contain valuable information for businesses. Here is where the need for social listening tools has arisen: The need to tap into the information that social networks generate. These  tools are designed to listen to online interactions, to extract useful insights and to enable a business to respond and participate.

Why Radian6?

The benefits  are about real business results through insights into trends, influencers and engaging with online communities. Get real business results from social insights:

  • Identify and analyze conversations about your company, products and competitors.
  • Route important insights to sales, customer service, PR and community managers for outreach and engagement.

Social Brand Monitoring:

  • Monitor and measure buzz around your brand, competitors and industry.
  • Analyze trends and gain insight into what your customers want.
  • Evaluate reaction to your campaigns and understand what content is connecting.

Online engagement:

  • Reach out and join the conversations in online communities
  • Build relationships that form brand advocates.
  • Make bridges between your employees and your customers.
  • Scale engagement across your teams with workflow and automation.
  • Develop a platform to share thought leadership.

How does Radian6 work?

Radian6 listening is based on keywords that you wish to listen for, words that matter for your business. The social networks are monitored for these keywords and Radian6 reveals results in real-time. The tool set for viewing results is highly customizable and can identify influencers, emerging topic trends, or reactions to campaigns. Contact us to find out how ABSI can help you adopt social listening with Radian6.