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On 14 January 2016     By Doubi Ajami      Cloud , Salesforce , AppExchange

Back in 2006, I met Marc Benioff in London, and got the chance to attend one of the first public presentations of what's called “The iTunes for business”.

AppExchange 10 years

Marc Benioff's vision was to copy the consumer web and to propose to the Enterprise its benefits. The “Appexchange concept” was so new and difficult to explain that they used iTunes and eBay to illustrate it (the 3 slides here under are from the original slide deck used by Marc In London).

AppExchange Consumer Platforms

They were thinking about building a marketplace for on-demand business applications.

AppExchange Business Web

The benefits  were explained:

AppExchange - Unparallelled Choice

When I came back to Brussels after this very inspiring event, I shared with my colleagues David Van Puyvelde and Benny Fajwlewicz what I had seen and how excited I was.

The marketplace for Business Apps

The concept of AppExchange is very simple. While every customer using the Salesforce.com platform discovers needs very specific to his business, Salesforce.com allows for far-reaching customization of the platform. One way to customize is to develop your own apps to simplify or facilitate your business processes. While it is very likely that companies from all over the world may encounter similar problems and might need similar solutions for their business. The AppExchange makes it easy for companies and developers to offer their own developed Business Apps, whether or not for free, on the AppExchange. This way a company in India for example, can benefit from a solution developed by a company in the USA.

Today 10 years later I can proudly say that Salesforce had the vision and they executed on it. They have simply delivered on that vision. The Appexchnage is very mature today with thousands of applications from hundreds of ISV and partners.

Even more... because Salesforce never stops with innovation, they launched the new lightning components AppExchange last summer.

Here at ABSI we are so proud to be a partner of such an innovating company and to participate and contribute to this successs.

Congratulations Salesforce, for the 10 years anniversary of AppExchange and count on us! We will be around for the 20 years anniversary.

AppExchange 10 years Infographic