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On 05 January 2015     By Jeremie Dellicour      Cloud , Salesforce , AppExchange

One of our customers, active in the Media world, is using the Sales Cloud for its Sales team, but it quickly appeared that the standard Salesforce "Quote" template functionality was not fitting their requirements for 2 reasons:

  1. The functionality takes too much effort for the Sales, often having a very short sales-cycle (1 day), so no need for different quote-versions etc.
  2. There were too much limitations (layout-wise) when using the standard SF Quote-template

So I looked for an app that could replace it. After testing several solutions, I adviced the customer to use S-Docs.


S-docs is a solution that generates a PDF-, Word- or Excel-document out of any Salesforce-record (even from a custom object). It's 100% native Force.com. 

You can find it on the AppExchange and it's free if you don’t use more than 2 templates. For more than 2 templates, you can go for the paid versions (up to 5 templates, up to 10 templates or unlimited), starting at 4$/user/month.

On Admin-level

When installing it on your SF-org (which is very easy), you get a new Tab in which you can manage the different templates.

S-Docs Templates

On the template itself you specify on which object it needs to be available, and which format you wish to generate (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML or PPT). 

S-Docs Email

There is of course a Template Editor which is very powerful, because you can create whatever lay-out you want (based on HTML). Even with conditions (by using specific S-Docs coding when accessing the source of the template via the design-view).

S-Docs Templates Detail 2

Also very interesting: the template can include the data from related lists from your record. After having created the template, you just need to add the custom S-Docs button on the Page Layout of the object and you’re done.

On end-user level

The Sales person who needs to send a Quote to his customer, based on the data of his Opportunity-record, just needs to click on the custom S-Docs button, and do two more clicks in order to generate the document (quote).

S-Docs Test

Once the document is generated, it’s automatically saved in the standard Notes & Attachments related list of the record (and also on the S-Docs list), and the user can open it to review it before sending. From the S-Docs related list, the user can send out the document by mail, without ever leaving Salesforce because they use the standard SF mail-functionality.

S-Docs Email

Only disadvantages (for admins):

  • You need to know HTML in order to create the Template (or copy/paste the HTML from any external web-page)
  • Their support is not very responsive

Apart from that, I’d certainly recommend this app as a fast and easy-to-use replacement of the standard SF Quote template solution.

Jeremie Dellicour