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On 01 July 2013     By Reindert Verbiest      Cloud , Salesforce

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I've been a Salesforce Consultant for over 3 years now and, as ABSI and ServiceMax became partners, over the past two weeks I took the ServiceMax foundation training. A recent post describes ServiceMax and its award winning cloud solutions for the field service industry, applications that extend the Salesforce® platform for field service teams. The training I undertook consists of 1 week self-paced ServiceMax Essentials training videos and 1 week of instructor-led training at ServiceMax’s site.

So in the first week, I watched all the videos, paused regularly to play around in the ServiceMax Demo org with the things I’d just seen, and then took the exam. It consisted of 40 multiple choice questions and I passed with 98%. That can only mean one thing: High fives all around!

ServiceMax Wizard

During the 2nd week in London, we went deep into the butt load of functionality that ServiceMax offers. Now that I can say that I’m fairly familiar with ServiceMax capabilities, without saying I’ve mastered them all, my biggest remarks or possible improvements in my humble opinion for future releases are two fold. First point is simply accessing the setup screens. Now your minimum number of clicks to get at the first(!) screen of the setup screen is already 2. Why not try to follow the Salesforce logic which is basically show an "edit link" (only for admins) on almost everything you see? Second point is again the setup. I realize this is also a matter of getting used to it, yet I do see a lot of room for improvement regarding grouping of certain items as well as some things that are considered logic which actually are not. Here is an example: when you do not fill out any filter logic, the logic will be 1 AND 2 AND 3… however the field “filter logic” stays blank.

Having said that, once you’ve got the setup right, I have to say I am flat out impressed with all the things you can configure and automate. The biggest ServiceMax add-on is without a doubt a Wizard on top of your screen with (of course) customizable buttons which take your users through the process of handling the record flawlessly. One thing I’ve lost my sleep over – and I do love my sleep – I cannot think of *ANY* field service scenario that is not coverable.

It’s mind-blowing how the system can take literally everything into account to make absolutely 1 billion percent sure that you will have the right person, with the right skills, at the right time, at the right place, with the right equipment. You’ll never again miss out on revenue renewal opportunities. You will never again give away "free service" when warranty is up and you will know how many stock items are at which place at which time. All this will serve you to be able to improve service, delight and retain customers and, trust me on this one, that’s all we want!

My conclusion: if your company is about to discover the capabilities of ServiceMax, I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but you’re in for a treat.

Reindert Verbiest