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On 07 March 2016     By Julie Minner      Cloud , Salesforce , Marketing-Automation , Digital-Marketing , Pardot

In the past few years marketing automation has been put forward as the solution to bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales.Through automated rules your target public can be approached with ‘the right information at the right time’, which, in return, can empower your sales team, so that they can focus their effort on the most ‘sales ready leads’. Marketing Automation can increase Return on Investment of your company’s marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, the Belgian market was a bit more reluctant to adopt marketing automation in its marketing strategy, when compared to United States. But market indications suggest that 2016 might actually be the year for marketing automation.

At ABSI we started with marketing automation in 2014 when we implemented the Pardot Marketing Automation platform from Salesforce.com. Since then, we also helped multiple companies in Belgium and the Netherlands to implement the Pardot Marketing Automation platform and help them get trained to start using Marketing Automation for their Marketing and Sales purposes. Since 2014 we have multiple certified Pardot consultants.

Salesforce Pardot

Has your company adopted Marketing Automation yet?

Why consider adopting a Marketing Automation platform to facilitate your marketing efforts?

Marketing automation advantages your marketing and sales teams in many ways:

  • Automate routine marketing tasks
  • Collect all your marketing tools in one place
  • Post across different social media channels from one platform
  • Create personalized messages and drip campaigns
  • Automatically measure ROI of your marketing efforts
  • Send only the most sales qualified leads to your sales team
  • etc.

Once you decided to go further with marketing automation, there are still a few things you should keep in mind. A marketing automation platform has so much more to offer than merely using it for your mass emailing, but it takes some preparation to start using all its functionalities to the fullest.

It is recommended that you don’t start creating all kinds of automations before you carefully considered all the possibilities of your marketing automation platform, your goals and your assets.

Prepare a Marketing Automation Strategy

What are the characteristics of your target prospect?

How well do you know your target? What are the characteristics of the prospects you try to reach (geography, job title, department etc.), and how well can they be measured? How can your target public be divided in different buying personaes?

Pardot - Target audience

How do you want to approach your prospects and inform them about your business?

You can start blogging to show your expertise to future customers and at the same time improve the SEO score of your website. Infographics are also a creative way to spark people’s interest around a topic. Social media are the ideal way to spread your content and attract people to your website.

Besides blogging, where the focus is on attracting your target prospects, you should also offer specialized gated content. This type of content focuses more on conversion, that is convincing your prospects to provide you more information about themselves or their business in exchange for a specialized whitepaper, a worksheets etc.

To create this content is most probably the biggest effort. Once you have the content in place you can create drip campaigns in no time to guide your prospects through your content and get them sales ready.

Pardot - Content

How well do you know all the functionalities of your marketing automation platform?

While most marketing automation platforms have more or less the same functionalities, each platform has its own way of setting up the automations and drip programs. In order for your marketing automation to run smoothly you should master these well.

Pardot - Functionalities

At ABSI we are specialized in Pardot and we can help you master all its functionalities during a Pardot training, so you can get started with your Marketing Automation Strategy in no time.

If you would like to learn more about marketing automation and how to put the theory into practice, you can sign up for our 2 day training on Thursday April 28th and Friday April 29th. During this training session we will teach you how to automate your marketing activities via the Pardot marketing automation platform. Get to know the basics to get you started with marketing automation, combined with tips & tricks to get the maximum out of it. More information.