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On 11 November 2013     By Sven Delporte      Cloud , Data-Integration , System-Integration , Dell , Boomi

Dell Boomi Cloud Integration Platform

Why is Dell Boomi Amazing?

At the start of 2013 in January I was delighted that I obtained the Dell Boomi certification along with my colleague Joris Vanbelle. The more I develop on Dell Boomi, the more I am impressed with it. It is a really amazing tool.

So you may be asking what is Dell Boomi and why is it so fantastic? Dell Boomi AtomSphere® is a completely cloud-based application so you don't need servers hosted somewhere to run this integration platform. You log on to the Atomsphere® platform and you can get started creating your integration process. If you need to integrate with a local on-premise system like SAP or Oracle E-Business then you can create your process in the cloud on the Atomsphere® platform and then when finished you download an Atom as Dell Boomi calls it. This is a lightweight Java application that contains the necessary elements to get your integration working on the on-premise system. This Atom you need to install on the local on-premise machine. So your data is never synched with the dell platform it goes from integration point to integration point.

On the Dell Boomi website Dell Boomi deployment and Atoms is very well explained.

Easy integration monitoring with Dell Boomi Atmosphere®

What is also very good is that you can monitor your integrations carefully. Dell Boomi AtomSphere has a nice dashboard which tells you what is successful and what has failed in a certain period. This is not only on one integration but on all the integrations that you have in the Atomsphere® platform.

Here is an example of a screen from the management console showing results of process executions.

And here you can see another example showing a Dell Boomi AtomSphere account dashboard.

My experience showed that AtomSphere is a stable and reliable solution. I also liked that you can reuse your connectors and process parts throughout your integrations.

Dell Boomi Suggest and Dell Boomi Assure

There are two things that I believe makes Dell Boomi stand out: Dell Boomi Assure and Dell Boomi Suggest.

Dell Boomi Assure

According to Dell Boomi, it “allows users to submit their integration processes, with test data, to a regression testing framework which will ensure pre-testing and support in future Dell Boomi releases.”

Dell Boomi Suggest

Dell Boomi describes it as: “the only smart integration engine, that leverages the collective intelligence of Boomi's growing community to quickly map data between applications and data sources, and dramatically shortens development time.” So using Boomi Suggest, if somebody has already developed an integration to a certain platform you can use that process and adapt to your needs. It means there is a community around the integration platform and this can really help in speeding up integrations.

Dell Boomi: Social & Mobile Integration

I even tried to login to the Atomsphere platform on the Ipad and even there I could check my integrations on the dashboard while I am out of the office. So this means that is not only social but also mobile, and that certainly makes it a great platform.

I believe that ABSI is the only Dell partner in Benelux that offers this range of Dell Boomi services.

To learn more on this “connect once, integrate everywhere platform” see the Dell Boomi website.

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