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On 27 July 2017     By Reindert Verbiest      ABSI-Events , Teamwork , Work-at-ABSI

On 22nd and 23rd of June, ABSI’s yearly team building was held. This year we went to the Dutch coast, at the fort at IJMuiden to be exact.

The main goal of this team-building was to strengthen the team spirit, improve productivity and motivation in our daily job. Spending time out of the office definitely gives employees opportunities to get to know each other on another level than professional. The invitation promised it to be outdoor and sportive with some competition. Did our event do the trick? 

After a 3 hours bus drive, we arrived in IJmuiden where we jumped on a boat to go to the Fort, which has been the theater of important moments of our history. 

A professional team coordinated our activities, with some team building and communication challenges.  In the fort, the entire ABSI group was divided into teams to play mini games: balancing, searching, lasergaming, which was a lot of fun!

In the evening, after a short business update we could relax and enjoy the barbecue and some music, party & fun.

The second day was a day filled with a hoarse voice for some because of the party the day before. The main activities were beach games: blow karting, Flingo, Dragonboat, hockey and a quest about the area which led into building a catapult contest. 

And in all of the above, for once it was not about beating the other team, it was about having fun. (Although, as most will agree, nothing is as fun as beating the other team :-)) The drive back was very calm as everyone was tired. I guess that's a reason to call the 2 days successful. The team building did the trick!

My reflection & the impact of the event

During the activities, I got to know better some colleagues I didn’t know that well before. Talking about the games is an easy icebreaker compared to talking normally at work. In the evening, there was a barbecue and some music. This is where the real team building happens. The best part of the party was not the party. It’s the elimination of hierarchical and personal barriers. Nobody has to do anything but to be there. The same goes for the bus ride, although there you are in a way limited to the people around you. 

Thanks to the team building, like on every event, there are these 2, maybe 3 colleagues with whom my relationship went to the next level. I vastly believe and sincerely hope that this happened between others as well. To me that’s where the value of the team building is. If you can make me chuckle, I will gladly support you in any way I can. (And if you can’t, I can always be bribed with donuts). I will be less hesitant to go ask colleagues a question and they will put in just that little bit more effort to help me on my way. 

We are not a team only because we happen to work at the same company. Of course we all strive for a common goal, of course we want our customers to be happy and of course we carry pride in what we do. All of that! But no, we are a team because we, corny as it sounds, can all have fun together. If you can laugh together, then you can work together. 

Team Building is not about bringing the best people together. It’s about creating diligence. The team should keep on doing it again and again until whatever the team is set out to do is finished. The only way you can keep up relentless persistence of the above goals is enjoying what you do, day in and day out.

“At ABSI we believe that efficiency and productivity are optimized when people have fun in the workplace. And we put this belief into practice!”’
All work and no play, right? I love my job and not only because my chair swivels. I love it because I know that at ABSI I contribute to and I am part of the team having fun. So if you want to be part of this team, have a look at our current career opportunities. You will not regret it!