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On 17 October 2017     By ABSI      Salesforce

Get ready for the biggest Salesforce conference of the year: Dreamforce 2017!

This big industry gathering consists of 3000+ sessions, keynotes, breakouts and certification trainings will be hosted from November 6-9 across several locations in San Francisco. 

Continuous learning

As continuous learning is keystone in our corporate culture, some of our colleagues will once again cross the Atlantic this year. We're looking forward to the opening keynote session from CEO Mark Benioff, with all the latest developments, and hints of the transformations to come. 

This is the place we come to get refilled with Salesforce-centric inspiration, knowledge of the newest and best features; to understand and prepare for the opportunities ahead.

Sharing our knowledge

This year, we are also proud to announce that, once again, we will share our Salesforce knowledge at Dreamforce in San Francisco this year. 

Sahan Perera from ABSI Sri Lanka will make a presentation about Creating Dynamic and Real-time Charts for Printable Reports.
Embedding dynamically generated charts into PDF can lead to questionable results and difficulties rendering correctly. When building a stand-alone Lightning application or Visualforce page, we can embed a chart using Google Charts, HighCharts or ChartJS API services. Join us to learn how to embed dynamically generated SVG charts into Lightning Components and Visualforce pages, and then convert them into downloadable PDF reports by using the standard Salesforce PDF engine.

Come and meet us there!

Staying ahead of the curve

Absorbing what Salesforce has to offer and discovering what customers and competitors are using in order to stay ahead of the curve is also an incentive for the ABSI team to be present. 

Being ahead of the curve is important but staying on top is even more essential and challenging. We are determined in keeping up with the continuously extending features and possibilities of Salesforce: best practises, new features & products, architecture, integration, success stories, innovation and much more. 

We can’t wait to go. This year's Dreamforce has sold out, so if you haven't already bought a ticket you can watch some sessions live online or start planning for next year! 

See you in San Francisco!