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On 22 October 2017     By Jacques Van Themsche      Salesforce

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” claimed Nelson Mandela. Abraham Lincoln said : “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

Within ABSI we don’t have such visionary statements, however we are convinced that education and trainings matter. 

It matters for our personnel: the vast majority of our consultants and developers are Salesforce multi-certified and this represents a huge number of training hours. 

It matters for our customers 

ABSI’s project methodology includes a proper training and knowledge transfer when handing over the solution to the customer support staff and the end user community. Adequate trainings not only ensure the success of the implementation, but also the user’s satisfaction with their new solution. 

This said, this high level of knowledge doesn’t last forever and requires some efforts to be maintained. 

You can’t ignore that Salesforce delivers 3 new releases/year with hundreds of new features. But who really reads these release notes ? At ABSI we do. 

In other words, after a couple of months, the knowledge of your staff is already outdated! In order to maximize your investments in Salesforce, new trainings are the best way for your teams to refresh their knowledge. Not to mention your staff turnover which is part of any company’s lifecycle and which can impact the general level of knowledge of your personnel...

How efficient is your knowledge transfer between colleagues when some of them leave the company or change position? Here again, it might be worth to invest in a proper training to guarantee the good continuity of your business.  

From Trailhead to ABSI Academy - Salesforce trainings for everyone 

When it comes to learning Salesforce, Trailhead is probably the easiest and funniest way to do so. Trailhead is indeed a series of online tutorials made by Salesforce in order to coach beginners (mostly) as well as advanced users.  

To help you reach the next level in your mastering of Salesforce, ABSI has developed its own training programme: ABSI Academy. Our offering, available in 2 versions, relies on 15+ years of experience of giving Salesforce in-depth-trainings based on user roles and needed skills. 

ABSI Silver Academy 

The “Silver Academy” provides standard courses for individual participants from different companies. Whether you need guidance or pro tips to step up your game with the different Salesforce clouds, this is the way to go. 

ABSI Gold Academy 

Most of our larger customers prefer our “Gold Academy”. This package shares indeed the same standards of high quality as the “Silver package”, while adding the concepts of performance and excellence. 

Joining the ABSI Gold academy means you will receive bespoke training programme and materials, fully customized to your needs, to your challenges and above all to the specific roles of your team members. These activities are performed by one of our Salesforce certified trainers. 

Are you ready to take your Salesforce knowledge to the next level? Read more about it on our ABSI Academy page.