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On 03 October 2017     By Ahmed-Bakayoko      Salesforce

Chloé Susset, who recently joined ABSI France as a Salesforce consultant, offers a look into her first big Salesforce event at French Touch Dreamin' in Paris.

Imagine an event where you could gather people from all over the world, from the same community and with the same passion for Salesforce. This was the challenge achieved by the #Salesforce community at the French Touch Dreamin in Paris which attracted no less than 200 people and over 20 prestigious speakers.

The opening keynote

The tone of the event was set by Ludovic Ulrich, Senior Director, Startups & AppExchange Marketing at Salesforce, during the opening keynote. The emphasis was on the entrepreneurship and on Why it is the best time for fill the blank to jump in? An inspiring opening speech which augured an amazing day.

ABSI @FTDreamin 2017

After opening our first French office in Paris a few months ago this event was the best way to introduce our team to the French Salesforce community and share our knowledge and experience.

During the morning sessions, Piti Phanpanich, one of our developers, was on stage to present his IoT experience, from Raspberry Pi to NodeMCU, inviting the audience to start their own journey with the Internet of Things and leverage #IoT thanks to Salesforce.

On the ABSI booth, our consultants and developers were available to showcase our expertise in implementing our Salesforce partner apps Connexys-Bullhorn (a recruitment app for companies and hiring agencies) and ebsta (an app connecting your email account and Linkedin with your Salesforce).

We also introduced Converse to the French market, our app for nonprofits, as well as Rellex, our brand new application for Salesforce project managers, admins and developers, coming soon on the AppExchange...

French Touch Dreamin 2017 - ABSI team
Meet the ABSI French (+Belgian) team. What could be more exciting than participating at “French Touch Dreamin” as a first “Salesforce experience?

Closing keynote

This wonderful day ended with a last keynote, presented by Shawna Wolverton, Senior Director of Platform Product Management at Salesforce. The focus was put on the Lightning experience roadmap and new features in development. Shawna inspired us a lot of hope for the future of the platform and aroused our impatience for the next edition of French Touch Dreamin’.

Last words

In the end, it was a great opportunity for me to meet my new ABSI colleagues from the Paris office and also the experienced Belgium team who made the trip to Paris. Above all, this helped me dive into the tech world the best way possible: I was even pleased to meet the developer of an app that I used that same day!

I’m now fully motivated and prepared to start my Salesforce training and become a certified consultant for ABSI.