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On 04 December 2017     By Dinesh Wickramasinghe      Salesforce

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What is India Dreamin?

 “India Dreamin” is the first Salesforce community-led event in India and the biggest of its kind in South Asia. Anyone interested in Salesforce technologies - including developers, admins, partners, customers and students - from this region and around the world, could participate in this event. 

The event was held at G.L Bajaj Institute of Technology, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India on the 30th September 2017. 

For this first ever edition, India Dreamin gathered around 1500 attendees and a lot of top speakers: Salesforce MVPs, company CEOs and even our Sri Lanka Salesforce user group leader, Chamil Madusanka. It also addressed technical topics - such as Dev Expo, Salesforce DX, Lightning Data Service and data integration - and also soft skills sessions, like improving leadership skills and career growth. 

Internet of Things with Force.com platform 

India Dreamin 2017 - Dinesh ABSI - IoT

One of the reasons I went there was to present a research topic of mine in one the quickest developing IT areas: Internet of Things. 

After doing a quick intro about the latest IoT trends, I came to present a concrete use case I had conducted a few months earlier, on how to send real-time data from sensors to Salesforce and take actions based on this data. 

I used NodeMCU open IoT electronic platform for this project. It was a success and I could send real time temperature data reading from a digital temperature sensor to the Force.com platform via a REST API call. I used an electronic device setup during my speech to explain the real time device connectivity to Salesforce. 

As my session was the only one to discuss the “usual” Salesforce software side AND the hardware side, the audience was really interested to learn more about all things IoT, and I tried to give them as many insights as possible on where to start with IoT, sensors and electronic platforms in order to generate business value. 

Why go to India Dreamin? 

Visiting India Dreamin helps attendees to stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce technologies and understand how much these are spread across the whole IT Industry in India and South-Asia. During the event, you can meet and talk with Salesforce VPs and directors, such as Erica Kuhl (VP of Community), and Holly Firestone (Director of Community). 

This shows how important and powerful communities are in the Salesforce ecosystem. You will also have insightful sessions and be able to share your experience with so many Salesforce developers and MVPs, and get to hear about their personal journeys. 

Final words 

I couldn’t have been part of this without the help of the awesome ABSI team, especially Doubi (our CEO and Founder). I’d also like to thank the Sri Lanka team, including Samith and Virath, for encouraging and helping me in many ways. And also the CMS Management for the great support given. After this successful first India Dreamin event, the organizers are planning to continue this event every year. This is a very good opportunity for all Salesforce lovers, especially in the South Asia region. 

If you want to know more about the event, you can find more info on their official Facebook page and website.