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On 09 February 2018     By Cedric Puisney     

Nele - she goes ICT Young lady 2018

[Edit - 06.03.2018]

Nele unfortunately did'nt make it into the Top 5... Nevermind! She's the Young ICT Lady of the Year for us.

Thanks to all of you who voted for her.


Great news for ABSI! Data News has announced the nominees for its "Young ICT Lady of the Year" award (already the 10th edition!) and we're part of it! Nele Crabbé, our Converse product manager, has indeed been selected among the Top 10. Hurray!

From Top 10 to Top 5

What's next? A vote will take place this week, from Monday to Sunday (February 12-18). 

The 5 nominees with the most votes by the end of the week will get the chance to meet the Datanews jury on Febuary 23rd and explain why they should win. The winner will be announced during a ceremony on March 15th at Kasteel van Terblock in Overijse.

An introduction to Nele

Nele didn’t start her professional career at ABSI. After graduating in 2007 as a social cultural worker at the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, she moved to Brazil for 8 months for a postgraduate program and volunteered with children in poverty. 

In 2009, at age 21, she entered the high tech world on the highly competitive Tel Aviv scene. There, she built up an impressive track record at her first employer iMDsoft. First as a lead application specialist, then as an EMEA support team leader. But something was missing in her life... This is where Nele started to study programming at the John Bryce Hi Tech College in Tel Aviv in the evening, while continuing her day job as a QA engineer and a business analyst. 

In 2015, she moved back to Belgium and relaunched her career with ABSI as a Salesforce consultant and business analyst: New life, new customer projects, new certifications, all while being pregnant of her first child. 

Since 2017, she's also been one of the leading & driving forces behind Converse, ABSI's first product / Salesforce-powered CRM solution for non-profits. Her current role as a product manager has highlighted her second mission which is very dear to her - bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to the nonprofit scene. Nele's well aware of the long way to go on woman rights and the path towards STEM for young girls. 

Her ambition towards inclusion in the Tech scene doesn’t stop at women however, and she hopes to actively work towards a strong collaboration between ICT and the classically typecast 'non-technical' community which is the nonprofit world. 

Why vote for Nele?

Because we think she's the best. Because she's our Wonder Woman! :-) 

Aside from all mentioned above, Nele is a true explorer and thrillseeker, always looking for new challenges and ways to grow. Above all, Nele aims at inspiring people while being a proof of concept: 
  • Be an example for girls and women that you don't have to be 'born into' computer or hard sciences in order to find their place in the STEM world.  
  • Pave the way towards a very much needed 'neo-feminism'. By bringing women into higher management we make gender diversity and equality of opportunity a reality. 
  • Combine a successful career with a healthy family life, be good role models for our children. 
  • Make the link between social sciences and technology while bringing the power of ICT to the nonprofit ecosystem. 

These are just 4 reasons why we at ABSI will vote for her. Nele’s very excited to share her passion and vision with the jury as one of the Top 5 candidates.