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On 13 March 2018     By Cedric Puisney      Salesforce


We are proud to announce that ABSI has just been awarded the Platinum Partner Status by the Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner Program.   

What a journey since 2002! Thank you! 

Getting this status is another successful milestone in our long and fulfilling journey with Salesforce. Always ahead of the curve, ABSI decided to start a new adventure in the very early years: in 2002, when Salesforce was still a young (3 years old) but how promising company. At the time, we were the first partner in Benelux. Salesforce conferences were almost secrets, with only a few passionate people who got the chance to meet personally the founders of Salesforce: Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez and Dave Moellenhoff. 

Since then, so many things have happened: hundreds of projects successfully delivered, many extraordinary customers met, from SMB’s to multinationals, offices opened in France and the Netherlands, more and more experts in our constantly growing teams, new products (e.g. Rellex), a step into nonprofit (Converse)… The list is too long and words too shorts to define our journey here. 

Some people have been with ABSI since the first years: Doubi, Benny, Sven, Bob, Steven, Richard, Jérémie, Reindert, Joris, Laurent, Robin, Henry, Samuel, Niels, Sven... and many more recently decided to join ABSI and share the passion. Thanks to them, ABSI is where it is now: A successful company, growing every year, caring for its people and its customers, still ahead of the curve and passionate about Salesforce and innovation. 

Thank you, ABSI heroes, thanks a 1000000 times!

Platinum what? 

Being Platinum means that Salesforce acknowledges we are committed and certified experts, actively participating in the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem. Above all, it rewards our long-term high customer satisfaction. 

For the ones who know us, it means you were right to choose us (but you already know it). For those who don’t know us yet, it means you can trust us to tackle your most complex challenges. Willing to know more? 

Feel free to contact us anytime for your projects.