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On 25 June 2018     By Judith van Hoorde , Lise Hanzen      ABSI-Events , Digital-Marketing , Salesforce

Last Tuesday, our digital marketing consulting team went to the Van Der Valk Hotel in Zaventem for our event dedicated to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. All of them worked hard together and gave special presentations for our customers, prospects, Salesforce employees and some colleagues. The hard work paid off: a great event with a lot of information about Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Lunch & Learn - Presentation Salesforce

Get to know Salesforce

For the attendees who didn’t know much about Salesforce or had never heard about Marketing Cloud, we invited Denis Jouniaux and Ann Heyvaert from Salesforce to give a short presentation about their company.

Denis showed us a video in which you can discover a bit more about Marketing Cloud:

In a nutshell, this innovating platform gives you the possibility to:

  • Streamline your marketing processes and become customer-centric
  • Create a 1-to-1 relationships with your customer
  • Make your customer journeys unforgettable
  • Integrate every touchpoint and experience with your brand on all channels

Marketing Cloud: a first glimpse into the journey builder

Right from the start, we wanted our event to be very “hands-on”. This is why Lise and Caroline guided us step by step and showed us how to build a customer journey inside Marketing Cloud.

For this purpose, we imagined the whole shopping process from 2 perspectives:

  • As an average consumer / persona called "Rachel"
  • As a marketer using Marketing Cloud

1. Rachel's point of view:

While she was visiting a web shop Rachel stumbled upon some really interesting products and placed them in her basket. At that particular moment, her best friend called. Rachel closed her computer and forgot about the basket.

Later that day, Rachel opened Facebook and saw in her feed an ad for the same web shop giving her the possibility to subscribe to their newsletter. Right after subscribing she received an email to remind her about the products she was about to purchase.

2. Marketing Cloud professional's point of view

The marketer was behind every step to make Rachel reconnect with his brand. With Marketing Cloud he’s able to built a specific journey for Rachel. In this journey he decides when Rachel will receive an email, an sms or any other kind of message. During our session we showed how to build this journey and how infinite the possibilities are.

Marketing Cloud Lunch and Learn Hands-On

Demo / Interactive Use Case

What better way to get to know something than to experience it by yourself? This is why we took the attendees on a journey themselves. Based on the registration form on our website we showed them how Marketing Cloud can easily create 1:1 communications.

During the presentation we sent an email to all attendees with a link to a virtual “scratch and win” game. If you scratched, you could lose or win a little something (see screenshots below). Of course all attendees went home with a nice gift!

Mail Scratch and Win

Marketing Cloud Lunch & Learn- Scratch and Win  Marketing Cloud Lunch & Learn- You Win

Networking is part of the journey

This demo session was followed by an interactive Q&A session and concluded by a tasty networking lunch.

Do you have questions about Marketing Cloud? Would you like to discuss how you can build custom journeys for your clients? Feel free to contact us or keep an eye on our website, because we will announce other similar events!

Marketing Cloud Lunch and Learn Lunch table 1

Marketing Cloud Lunch & Learn table 2