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On 02 July 2018     By Judith van Hoorde , Dries Mommaert      ABSI-Events , Teamwork , Work-at-ABSI

Under the moto: ‘work hard, play hard’, ABSI held their yearly team building event. It was a way to thank everyone in the company for their hard work, but also to get to know each other on a different level. This enforces our creativity and team spirit. This also gives our newest colleagues the possibility to get to know the big family that ABSI is.

A day filled with novelties

A greener ABSI’ was the main thread running through all workshops during the day.

Demo Sessions

At ABSI we think it’s important to give our colleagues a voice and let them share their newest ideas or new products they discovered/created. That’s why we organized at the beginning of the day, some demo sessions about:

Converse: Donations manager

  • This demo gave a quick look into our nonprofit CRM system.

Marketing Cloud

  • The purpose of this demo was to show how Marketing Cloud can allow companies to communicate in an omnichannel environment.


  • Dries Mommaert, our dedicated Connexys consultant showed us how we can use Connexys, an applicant tracking system built on the Salesforce platform to streamline the recruitment processes of our clients.


  • Samuel Moyson, one of our Salesforce Solution Architects showed us some of the functionalities of Vlocity, an AppExchange product. Samuel is currently involved in the implementation of Vlocity in a Salesforce project for our customer Eurofiber.

Packaging for AppexChange

  • Lieven, lead developer working on both our AppExchange products Converse and Rellex, showed us the ropes of product development for the Salesforce AppExchange.

Flow: Round Robin Lead Assignment

  • Reindert showed a Round Robin Functionality. Using a flow, leads are assigned at random, based upon data which is kept in a custom object. Doing so, it's easy maintainable for the admin to flip around users if that may be needed.


The different workshops took place with the help of NIMAculteurs and Odyseed, a company that aims at making people rediscover agriculture by using state-of-the-art technology and by increasing food diversity. Odyseed and NIMAculteurs reconnect people and nature and help people to develop new talents. This is what we did during 4 different workshops:

1. Pallet

We at ABSI are used to designing and building practical solutions for our clients. Now it was time to do the same thing but with this…

Teambuilding Europallet

As with any project, we first decided what we were going to make: a table and some chairs. Secondly, we designed a plan to achieve this goal! After hours of measuring, sawing and putting all the pieces together we had achieved quite something - “far beyond wood integration” - a cool place where we can sit down and relax during our breaks.

Teambuilding making of chairs

Teambuilding Chairs and table finished

2. Zero Waste

We’re all aware that our way of living has a big impact on the environment and a lot of people want to do something about it but often the question remains: How? With this workshop we at ABSI wanted to help our colleagues out and gave them some cool tips and tricks on how to reduce the amount of waste we produce in our daily lives. 

Céline, the instructor started the workshop out with challenging our beliefs regarding our consumption: How much waste do we annually produce? Can we as an individual have a big impact on waste production? What are the effects on short and long term? After some eye-openers we were taught a few ways on how we can easily change our lifestyle and reduce our waste production.

3. Pesto & Co

During this super tasty cooking workshop we made 4 different kinds of pesto. From pesto with feta to pesto with zucchini. And the best part was: we tasted these appetizers during the aperitif. Delicious!

 Teambuilding Pesto & Cie Cooking Teambuilding Pesto & Cie Preparing

Teambuilding Pesto & Cie Group picture

4. Permaculture

This workshop gave us a glimpse into the world of permaculture, an ecologically and economically sustainable way to design your garden. First, we got an information session on this topic and afterwards we got the chance to create with our own ‘kitchen garden’. 

Teambuilding Permacultuur start

Teambuimding Permacultuur at work


Aperitif and evening activities

What would a team building be without some fun together between ABSI old-timers and our new colleagues. That’s why ABSI invited 3 food trucks to keep us from starving after this really busy day the sun. After dessert our resident DJ’s kept the party going until midnight...

An amazing team building to remember!

Teambuilding foodtrucks and dancing

Do you want to join our caring family and discover more about ABSI and our work as a Salesforce Platinum Partner? Contact us or take a look at our Careers page!

Teambuilding Group photo 1