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On 14 September 2018     By Céline Bonmariage     

A year after implementing Bullhorn Connexys to manage my recruitment process, I decided it was time to look back and evaluate it all. 

Needless to say that as a typical HR Manager, I was very happy with my way of working which consisted of a shared folder for the CV’s and of course… a good old Excel file. So as far as I was concerned, no need to change.

Bullhorn Connexys

Still... We changed, why?

As ABSI is a partner of Salesforce, our main activity is to implement Salesforce and integrate third party tools onto the platform. Bullhorn Connexys is a recruitment application built on the Salesforce platform. Several of my colleagues came into contact with the application while integrating Bullhorn Connexys within our clients’ Salesforce environment and really spoke highly about it! To cut a long story short: we became partners of Bullhorn Connexys & as we like to master the tools we provide our clients with, I became my colleague’s guinea pig for their first Bullhorn Connexys implementation. Let me tell you, I made sure I was a difficult client: expecting the system to do everything including all my creative demands, forgetting 1 or 2 requirements in the design phase, and of course: changing my mind once or twice. Oh and I almost forgot: provide all the input they expected from me last minute but expecting a very quick answer to the smallest question I might have.

The good news is: they did put up very patiently & professionally with my requests. So if you decide to work with them, trust me: I trained them to be client-driven ;-).

And... I am happy

I actually am not suffering Excel withdrawal symptoms & believe it or not: I have not even once extracted my database into an Excel (yet?)

How did that happen?

For me, a recruitment tool needs to be easy to use, I must have a rapid overview of my candidates per role, I must be able to filter back in my old candidates. And I must have all the CV’s available to find them easily when I need to consult them. The good news is that Bullhorn Connexys does all of that.

What I like a lot about it is how easy it is to upload the CV’s in the system. Either the candidate applies directly via Bullhorn Connexys, meaning no upload at all for me. For the odd ones that still do email a spontaneous application for example, I can upload their CV manually, which is very easy. The other bonus of the system, which I didn’t expect, is the ease of tracking a candidate’s history. I can at any time consult the different steps that the candidates went through, and even read the mails we have sent them. This way, I can easily follow up on my colleague’s recruitment activities, as we are working on one platform. And I can do that from anywhere as it is in the cloud.

We did learn a few things along the way. For example, we had complexified a bit too much the process, foreseeing too many fields at certain steps. For example, at the hiring step, we had foreseen start date, type of contract, salary, … Too much, not needed there. As the tool is easy to customize, Dries, my consultant, did his quick magic and all those fields were gone. Our lesson learned is really to keep it as simple as possible, certainly at the beginning, configure the right roles (HR, Business, …), the right recruitment steps (interview, assessment, …) and the minimal number of fields (name, channel to be able to report, …) and get started.

Céline ne Connexys

What's next?

Now that I have managed my process for one year with Bullhorn Connexys, I can take a step back and analyze my recruitment process thanks to the reports and dashboards that come with Bullhorn Connexys. How many candidates applied using a certain job board? How long does it take before we first contact a candidate after receiving his resume? All the very useful information that can be used to fine tune our recruitment process.

So, to summarize, I can state that the Bullhorn Connexys Resource Manager is an intuitive and user-friendly application that has made my work easier by eliminating and automating several necessary but time-consuming actions. And I’m not the only one who thinks like that, as other companies like Randstad, Manpower and Acerta are using Bullhorn Connexys.

If you want more information check out our website page about Connexys or contact David Mrejen.

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