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On 16 October 2018     By Samuel Moyson , Niels Muysewinkel , Daniël Blaauw      Salesforce

In the first part of of the article about ABSI’s experience during Dreamforce ‘18 we talked about Einstein Voice, Customer 360,... In this part, we like to continue for you the interesting keynotes we discovered during these 3.5 amazing days! 

Let’s start with some interesting takeaways for developers!

Visual Studio Code

By Daniël Blaauw

During Dreamforce, Salesforce has made it clear that they are putting their development focus on Visual Studio Code, the open source editor from Microsoft. Almost every session which had a developer touch, contained references to VSCode or the presentation contained a demo or image of code within VSCode.

Salesforce has announced they use it internally and they have built a set of plugins so you can easily use VSCode to create Apex, Lightning Components etc.

The plugin is a way to use the SFDX toolkit in VSCode, so you can spin-up scratch-orgs and use the Salesforce CLI. But there is also an easy version control connection to Git, so code changes are checked live within VSCode.

For Code completion and a sort of “Intelli sense” on sObjects, Salesforce added the functionality to get the Metadata definitions from the connected org and use them for code completion. In the background the sObject are converted to classes, so VSCode can understand it and make the linkage for code completion.

Install VSCode now as a developer and search for the Salesforce DX plugin and the Salesforce CLI plugin, within VSCode. Lastly try Git Lense so you easily compare your code against the branch and stage only part of your code instead of entire files only.

More information about this topic is available via these links:



Manage your Scratch orgs via Salesforce CLI

By Daniël Blaauw

As a tool within the SFDX Toolset, the CLI is often seen as the tool to manage Scratch orgs. But it is a lot more! As a fun demonstration, Peter Chittum, showed us a quick demo on how to connect the CLI to the Salesforce event bus, and log the messages on screen. Fun part is that you can use grep to filter the steam to show only the messages you want. Furthermore the CLI can be used to manipulate records, execute Queries, Start Apex, Test Lightning Component Bundles User Admin and much more! Do you want more information about Salesforce CLI? 

We can recommend you to look into following websites:



Understanding your org shape via metadata component dependencies

By Samuel Moyson

What will happen if you delete this field? What will be the impact on layouts, APEX classes or other metadata where this field is referenced? I think a lot of people already faced this question during Salesforce implementations. Daniel Ballinger, Salesforce MVP, gave a session to fulfill this need and make it possible to easily see the impact. Why not visualize the information?

Understanding your org shape via metadata component dependencies

Via the Metadata Component Dependency API relationships between metadata in your org can be extracted. Afterwards we can visualize this extracted data with a tool called Gephi. This tool enables the possibility to select metadata in your org and see where it’s referenced.

More info can be found here:


The Lightning Platform Roadmap

By Niels Muysewinkel

Salesforce is continuing to improve the Lightning platform by introducing some cool new features. All features will help the business and IT to work faster and more efficient.

They will do this by making the display density configurable, for example. We already know the “comfy” density that was introduced last summer, and in addition to that they will launch the “compact” density in Winter ‘19. This will enable users to display up to 30% more info on the screen. Also it is now possible to build “dynamic layouts” using the app builder. This gives us the flexibility to make your record pages more user friendly by only showing the relevant sections based on criteria's you can easily specify. And the joy does not stop there, for you can also conditionally change the formatting for your layouts on mobile devices, giving a better experience to your mobile users.

A new feature called “Lightning object creator” will allow administrators to create an object from a spreadsheet file. Via a user friendly wizard you’ll be able to create an object and its fields (including data type and pick list value detection) and initialize it with the data from your sheet.

And finally, in a quest for making Salesforce Flash-free, the flow builder will be replaced by “Lightning Flow Builder” next Spring.

Technology enlightens out world: Beyond Minority Report

By Samuel Moyson

Peter Schwarz, SVP Strategic Planning and futurist gave a session about future technologies. Salesforce did some research about

which technologies could have the most impact on us in the near future. Technologies as AI, Bots, Voice.. came out of this investigation.

Technology Road Map

Here are some examples of technologies that will change our way of living and working:

What if we combine AI, Bots, Voice and IoT? We will get smart speakers as Google Home and Alexa. Today a lot of managers have a personal assistant who is responsible for making sure Peter is on time at his session, Peter’s flight is booked,... Peter doesn’t have to think about all those details. But why only Peter, or other managers? In the near future Google Home and Alexa should be able to be everyone’s personal assistant. We won’t have to worry anymore about the weather, to know which clothes to wear today. When we wake up, Alexa will tell us.

But.. will this make some jobs disappear? Yes, but it will create new ones. In the future we will talk about IoT Consultants and Remote Operators. Truck drivers won’t have to miss their family anymore when being on the road multiple days. They go to the office and drive their truck, or multiple ones, remotely from their office cockpit.

Or what about real-time translating? It exists! Google Pixel Buds: https://store.google.com/gb/product/google_pixel_buds

ABSI's point of view

So, this is what we at ABSI remembered from this amazing trip to San Francisco. Of course Salesforce wouldn’t be as amazing as it is, if they hadn’t saved all of their highlights! That’s why we can recommend you to visit the next page, if you want to know what you missed during Dreamforce ‘18!

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