ABSI - far beyond system integration

On 22 October 2018     By ABSI      ABSI-Events

On Wednesday 12th of September 2018, ABSI organised its annual BBQ at Salons Waerboom close to Brussels.

This time we did not only invite our clients, partners and colleagues to a delicious dinner, but also to Salesforce-powered inspiration sessions in the afternoon. 

After a welcome speech by Doubi and a short presentation about the API economy (speaking of which, we invite you to read his latest blogpost if you haven’t yet) we focused on 2 big topics of interest for us:

  • Rellex, presented by Sven. For those who don’t know it yet, we launched this app a few months ago with Salesforce project managers in mind. In a word, Rellex streamlines and gathers your whole Salesforce project & release management in one unique interface.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud, presented by Benjamin, Olivier and Benny. No need to present this essential part of the Salesforce Clouds. Our team tried to make a demo session as interactive as possible while inviting the audience to join on a tailor-made customer journey including a contest and ABSI prizes...

After 2 hours of insightful sessions, it was time for everyone to enjoy the evening and start networking. This was also the right moment to introduce our surprise guest of the day, Sandor De Karikaturist, who sketched every single face making the evening even more memorable.