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On 22 January 2019     By ABSI      Work-at-ABSI

On the 8th of February we organise a Certification Day at the Belgium office. This is the second time we do this, the first time was in the old building on the 24th November 2011, with Marc Schoemaker as proctor. I got my first Salesforce certificate back then, Salesforce Developer 401.

We have 2 sessions for maximum 8 people per session, one in the morning as of 10am and one in the afternoon from 1pm. Priority goes to the people that have only one certificate, but we can plan a second session on the 15th if there is still a lot of interest.

You can register your certificate on the webassesor like you would normally do but now you can select ABSI as certification center and you can only choose one date which is the 8th.

Following trailblazers will take the chance to get another certificate.

Emilie will order new vouchers and send to everybody that will participate to the certification day.

Morning session:

Dean van Leeuwen

Kevin Jackson

Jana Geeroms

Lise Hanzen

Jonathan Abensour

Jacques Van Themsche

Edwin Didier

Alain Fajwlewicz

Afternoon Session:

Luiza Jinaru

Nathan Germeau

Jérémy Lacombe

Sofie Aerts

Andrey Kirillin

Thomas Gonstas

Stijn Frans

Peter Vandebroek

Good Luck,

Sven D.