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On 22 January 2019     By ABSI      Work-at-ABSI

Hi all,

I started working at ABSI the 19th of November. I admit, I was a little bit scared to enter the office building. Everything and everyone was new for me, so I didn’t know what to expect. However, when I finally started my first day at ABSI, everyone was so nice to me! Immediately I knew it was going to be a good day. I met my buddy’s Evi and George, got my laptop and started the onboarding.

Not long after that, I learned about the fun after work events, the office golf tournament, how bad I am at ping pong, the popularity of Royco minute soup during lunch time, the danger of nerf guns and Salesforce of course! It was so great that everyone offered to help me during my time learning Salesforce.  The help was certainly welcome, since I’d never worked with the platform before.

For about a month, I’ve studied for my Administrator Certification. When the admin exam was over, I was very pleased to hear that I could join the marketing team. To get to know marketing cloud, I started studying again and Sofie gave me some fun exercises. I got to make email templates, content blocks, journeys for customers, … I learned how marketeers make and automate (alleged annoying spam-) mails and got the send them myself!  Later on, I got to work with Benny on a Salesforce demo for SPDG. After two months at ABSI everything starts to fall in place and I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come!

Big Hug