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On 13 February 2019     By Furkan Can      ABSI-Events , Salesforce , Work-at-ABSI

Success story of a sparkling partnership

On Friday 8th February 2019, an exam session took place at the head office of ABSI Belgium in Brussels. Several ABSI employees took part in the exam to obtain various SALESFORCE certifications. The successful partnership between ABSI and Salesforce is no longer a secret. Since 2002, ABSI has grown in number of employees, IT solutions, successful partnerships and satisfied customers, both SMEs and Multinationals. 

Thanks to our continuous innovation, training, expansion of our product range & services and investing in our employees, ABSI made it to the highest level of Salesforce partnership and became a Platinum certified integration partner. A professional management and a motivated and committed team have contributed to the success story of today.

After a short introduction by the Salesforce examiners the team was ready for the challenge. The clock is ticking, good luck everyone!

2019-02-13Certification Day

The sky is the limit

Over the years our company has grown steadily in earning numbers of Salesforce Certifications. The main certificates obtained during the previous years are as follows:

2019-02-13 Certifications achieved

The evolution in the number of tracks is impressive. Last year we stood at 360 certifications on a company level. Today, after the exam, we can proudly brag about 380 certifications! We aim to exceed 480 certifications by the end of the year. Would you like to know when we will have enough? The sky is the limit!


380 Certificates

Investing in our people = Investing in our customers

    ABSI strives to keep its staff up-to-date with the latest features offered by the Salesforce Platform. This session was not the first and will certainly not be the last. In a rapidly changing IT world, expectations are very high. The customer is the focus and ABSI will continue to invest in order to offer them proactively complete, accessible and relevant solutions and an optimal customer experience.

    -        Success story of a sparkling partnership