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On 22 March 2019     By Dries Mommaert , Joey Deegeling , Samuel De Rycke , Samuel Moyson     

ABSI as Salesforce.org Impact Partner 2019

Last November Salesforce organized the exclusive beta exam for the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification. This new certification targets people who have experience with designing and implementing nonprofit solutions. In layman’s terms this means making sure donations, grants or volunteer work is easily and intuitively processed with high levels of automation.

This beta exam allows them to try out a large set of exam questions, but more importantly, to give participants the opportunity to provide feedback on the questions and the overall certification. Since ABSI is a Salesforce.org International Impact Partner we were invited to join their first beta exams aimed at the nonprofit sector. Now that the certification has been publicly released it’s open for anyone to take and will no doubt become a new benchmark of consulting expertise within the Salesforce ecosystem.

With more than 60 successful implementations of Converse, our own nonprofit Appexchange solution for European fundraising organizations, we figured we know a thing or two about the world of donations, volunteers, grants... and would like to give our 2 cents on this topic.

So how did we do?

Six of our nonprofit team members accepted the challenge… and six of us came back victorious! Certified! 

One of the reasons why we managed to become the most Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultancy Partner in Europe is due to the fact that we foster learning and developing oneself at ABSI. It’s almost our second nature to try out the new and exciting stuff Salesforce has to offer. But more importantly our experience with Converse, our solution that enables our clients to have a 360° view of their constituents and automate donation processing, gave us the needed industry knowledge, insights on how nonprofits work and how to handle donation management successfully.


Why is this so important to us?

This certification is a great way to explicitly demonstrate gained knowledge in the always evolving nonprofit world both for the individual but it’s also an affirmation for us as a team that we’re still contributing to the nonprofit cloud with Converse for EU customers.

As a Platinum Salesforce partner, one of ABSI's main goals is to provide an excellent service to our clients. We strive to do this, by making sure our colleagues are certified and have the knowledge they need to succeed in our goals. This is why ABSI has over 380 certifications on company level and we try to gain more every month.

Read our latest article about the special certification day we organized to get proof of our commitment to Salesforce and their certifications.

Certification Day

Want to improve your nonprofit?

Want to know more on how we enable nonprofits to have great customer journeys and have insight in their constituents? Check out Converse's website or contact us: info@absi.digital