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On 08 April 2019     By ABSI      Salesforce

ABSI agrees to join PwC

We are pleased to announce that ABSI agrees to join the PwC Network and will bring deep Salesforce expertise to PwC Belgium and PwC Netherlands.

A fantastic journey

We founded ABSI back in 1995 when the Netscape browser was just released and Sun Microsystems was not yet the dot in .com. Our goal was to be a niche System Integrator (SI) that helped companies connect their internal network to the Internet and understand how beneficial the Internet could be for their business. The Belgian market was clearly in need for our technical expertise, and ABSI 1.0 was born.

In 2002, our path crossed Salesforce.com, at the time tiny visionary company that wanted to leverage the power of the web to deliver an Enterprise Application (CRM). We partnered with the “NO Software” company and started delivering game changing solutions and services to create customer success. Thanks to Salesforce, we sold cloud-computing solutions before the concept of ‘the cloud’ even existed. This is when we became ABSI 2.0. 

ABSI's Journey

Over the years, we continued to grow as the recognized expert in sophisticated multi-cloud Salesforce project in the Benelux. Data and Enterprise Application integration had no secrets for our certified developers. In 2016, we decided to become a 100% Salesforce, pure play SI. We spun-off all the non-Salesforce activities in Advanced Service Provider. Our passion combined with outstanding project delivery and a high level of customer satisfaction were recognized as we became a Salesforce Platinum partner.

Today ABSI 3.0 team has 100 + professionals with almost 400 Salesforce certifications. Our consultants and developers are involved in several multi-country transformational projects while also contributing through different activities to the Salesforce Ecosystem, to support Salesforce Ohana’s growth. Two years ago, we became a Salesforce.org Impact partner. We are particularly proud of the dozens of nonprofit organizations we have helped with our Converse app to get a full 360° view on their constituents and be more efficient in their fundraising process.

The opportunity for today’s companies is enormous as we are moving at light speed in the ‘Era of the Customer’ powered by the digital wave.

Notwithstanding the major leaps we have made over the past 20+years, we are well aware that the transformations our customers face today, need more then technology and technical skills. By agreeing to join the PwC network, we will be able to propose a unique combination of Business Strategy, customer eXperience and Technology (BXT) to ensure continuous success for our customers, and enable them to face the future with serenity and vision. We are at the eve of ABSI 4.0

The perfect fit

Right from our first discussions with the PwC teams, it was clear that the Global SI and our agility were a perfect match. Every time we mapped the mutual opportunities to help our customers, the temptation to join forces became more and more compelling. Today there is no overlap in Technology or in Business expertise in any of the two entities, so by agreeing to join forces we complement each other perfectly. ABSI is busy implementing Salesforce Technology (out-of-the-box features with tailor-made development), while PwC on the other hand has the deep industry Business expertise to guide the Digital Transformation and insure an easy, full and perfect Customer eXperience, hence BXT. 

What I like most, and which explains this perfect match, is that we both add value but in different areas. It means we will enrich our customers and make them more successful than ever. It will also be a great opportunity for the ABSI team who will be working in new environments with endless offerings, learning opportunities and market expansion. 

PwC will bring a unique vision on the current digital transformation with a broader set of capabilities and an extensive global reach with its large network. While our focus will continue to be 100% Salesforce, the power of PwC will allow us to start projects at the strategic level, define clear business benefits, change, simplify and improve business processes. We will continue to guide companies’ transformation and deliver scalable, robust and easy to use solutions powered by AI.  Together we will bring life to customer data, give clear insight to each company on new ways to connect and interact with their customers, in order to become and stay the leaders in their markets.

ABSI values and culture

ABSI has always been a people story, with a unique culture and values embraced by our employees, customers and partners. Our values drive our daily behavior and help us work hard and play hard while having respect for each other. PwC has similar values. At every meeting in the last few months, we have seen that PwC, like ABSI, is passionate about its customer success and about continuous learning for all its teams.

I would like to thank all ABSI customers, partners and employees who accompanied us on our journey and who pushed us to grow at all times. They supported us in reaching this important milestone. I have no doubt the digital wave unfolding in front of us will guide us towards many more opportunities to come.  



8 April 2019