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On 17 June 2019     By Samuel Moyson , Ruben Halman      Salesforce

This year ABSI was present for the first time at TrailheaDX. If Dreamforce is the what, than TrailheaDX is the how. It is the annual developer conference of Salesforce where 12.000 Trailblazers from all around the world swarm together in San Francisco. Architects, developers and admins all ready to learn and get inspired through in-depth sessions by subject matter experts.

With  2 days of the conference  and an optional 3-day bootcamp with 2 certification exams as follow up to the conference, TrailheaDX totals up to a whole lot of new knowledge. One blogpost is too short to summarize all the memories we collected during this intensive week, but we will have a go at it nonetheless!

Samuel and Ruben at TrailheaDX 2019

1. The ‘Salesforce Ohana’ culture:  Bonding through purpose, curiosity and values.

Delivering Continuous Innovation TrailheaDX 2019

With 3 major releases a year it can be a challenge for an everyday trailblazer to keep phase with all the new or updated features that the continuously innovating platform of Salesforce offers.

TrailheaDX proved to be an excellent moment to revise on all those features, current best practices and get equipped with the newest tools or latest knowledge on best practices.

Salesforce Ohana, a common used hashtag in the Salesforce landscape on Twitter. What does that culture really feels like? Well, we got to experience it here. Everyone came to the conference eager to take in as much knowledge as possible and this common purpose and a shared passion for the platform created  a natural bonding, where there were no barriers to start talking to each other about common goals, achievements or challenges.

The Ohana vibe reached a climax with the celebration of Trailblazers in the Warfield Theatre where Macklemore blew us away with an incredible live performance.

Macklemore at TrailheaDX 2019

After Macklemore it was almost time for the TrailheaDX bootcamp (read: in just a few hours). There you could experience the Ohana culture as well. One can say, ‘you can just do those exams from your local exam center’. True, but there you are missing exactly this culture and common purpose that was really shaping the atmosphere all over the Marriott Hotel. Besides the classroom experience of the Bootcamp where you get to learn together with peers, there were people studying and helping each other study all over the hall.  It was very common to get into a conversation with a stranger about what their personal goals and challenges might be and to see if there is a possibility to compliment or help each other on one of the many subjects relevant to the Salesforce platform.

Bootcamp Certifications at TrailheaDX 2019

2. The latest announcements

By now you might have already heard about the exciting new announcements Salesforce has made during TrailheaDX, which include:

  • Einstein for OCR
  • Einstein Translation
  • Blockchain
  • Lightning Web Components made open source
  • Gitlab + Salesforce DX : Devops made easy
  • New Salesforce Mobile application

Here you can watch the keynote by Parker Harris about all these new features again.

Want to know more about all those exciting new features and see a demo of them? Contact us : info@absi.digital

Presentation at TrailheaDX 2019

3. Extracurricular sessions

For both of us, some of the most exciting and memorable content came from the extracurricular sessions. During these extra long sessions a challenging Customer Case was presented and the chosen solution was explained and discussed very thoroughly. After the initial presentation of the solution the review panel (consisting of mostly technical architects) kicked off a discussion by asking critical questions about why certain decisions were taken and the scalability or possible complications these decisions might bring. This allowed for an in depth discussion about best practices for the platform where typically the audience got really involved by suggesting other approaches or asking questions about how it would fit on similar, but slightly different use cases.

Extracurricular sessions at TrailheaDX 2019

We, Samuel Moyson and Ruben Halman, are happy that we got the opportunity to visit this event. Perhaps we get to meet you next year!