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On 27 September 2016     By David Mrejen      Work-at-ABSI

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After having worked in the Financial Markets as a derivatives solutions Marketer for 15 years, I have decided to jump into the High-Tech world and become a Salesforce.com Consultant, with one of the leading Benelux Salesforce Partners: ABSI.

Moving from the Investment Banking sector to the CRM and Cloud computing environment is an exciting and challenging move.
ABSI is giving me this opportunity and I would like to share some of the most striking characteristics of ABSI workplace.

1. Success

Everyone is oriented towards one common goal: win customers by demonstrating expertise in implementing proven Salesforce solutions as well as newest functionalities.

2. Passion

It may sound a bit "cliché" but it is true: whatever you do, you cannot succeed without Passion.
ABSI team members are truly passionate about Technology in general and Salesforce in particular.
Passion drives ABSI people and leads them to stay ahead of the curve, be the first to test new features, and be able to put Technology at the service of our clients' business cases.
The other thing about Passion is that it is contagious. Because we are so passionate about what we do, we naturally communicate our enthusiasm to our colleagues, partners, and clients!

3. Constant Learning

There is a continuous investment in our employees to increase their knowledge and improve their technical expertise. So at ABSI, Learning is part of day-to-day routine.
Working on client projects and Learning are the two pillars of everyone's time-table.
Information is shared in real-time.
This is a truly challenging and motivating environment.
Every new colleague discovers very soon that ABSI University is part and parcel of ABSI Company.

4. Diversity and Open-minded spirit

ABSI people come from very different backgrounds: IT, Sales, Business functions, Accountancy, HR and Marketing. 

Each one contributes to the diversity and brings his own experience and vision.
As ABSI is growing rapidly, new colleagues are on-boarded almost every week!
They all add to the company's diversity and keep ABSI young, fresh and dynamic!

5. Leadership

ABSI senior Managers have a "Hands-on" approach.
They are deeply involved in every project and empower more junior colleagues very rapidly.
They manage by setting high standards and showing example.
To that extent they are not only managers but also true leaders who encourage everyone to go beyond its comfort zone and develop its talents.

6. Having fun

At ABSI we believe that efficiency and productivity are optimized when people have fun in the workplace.
And we put this belief into practice!

Come and join us if you want to know more about all of this and experience the ABSI way by yourself.

We're hiring! Check our consulting and developer opportunities here