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On 19 May 2015     By Samuel De Rycke      Cloud , Salesforce

Every year Salesforce hosts the MVP summit in San Francisco, a conference specifically for the MVPs. These are the most influential members of the broad community surrounding the Salesforce platform and products. Having been elected as an MVP myself last year I was extremely excited, curious and happy when leaving Brussels last week to attend my first MVP Summit.

MVP Summit - Group picture

While having all the benefits of ABSI being a Salesforce partner, the opportunities of the summit went far beyond that. Salesforce is one of the most innovative enterprise organizations and it values feedback from customers, partners and the community. Not only were we shown roadmap intentions, we were asked to provide feedback. Both positive and negative comments were listened to with great interest by product managers and no less than Parker Harris and Marc Benioff themselves, the founders of Salesforce.

MVP Summit - Benioff & Harris

All of this was under strict NDA so I can’t share an overview of topics that were discussed. But I can say that it was good to see that Salesforce is committed to be the best in what it does, and to stay focused on both broadening its platform and product capabilities and improving or entirely revamping current functionality for the better. It’s this innovative mentality that drives the success of the Salesforce customers. These are values we share at ABSI and I feel grateful to be part of this.

It’s only 4 more months to Dreamforce, the global Salesforce conference where many of the previews that were shared with us will be announced publicly. This year the event will host 1500+ sessions in 4 days with content specific for any industry, company size and function or role.

The MVP summit was not just about technology, the conference started with a volunteering activity at the San Francisco Food Bank. In a few hours we repackaged rice meals for 4000+ families! This way of “giving back” is very typical for Salesforce which is known for it’s famous 1-1-1 model.

MVP Summit - Foodbank

A strengths workshop showed us the individual strengths we have and how having a better focus and understanding of these can be leveraged to do more and collaborate better. This too was very familiar to me, as it is a core value within the ABSI team.

MVP Samuel - Strengths

Samuel De Rycke

Photos: Bellalu Photography in assignment of Salesforce