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On 26 May 2014     By Lieven Juwet      Cloud , Salesforce , ServiceMax

Servicemax Foundation training for a Salesforce developer

Servicemax training course 101

May 5 2014, Eurostar train station at Brussels. There I was eagerly waiting for the train which would take me to London, ready to participate in the Servicemax foundation training, a two week training program. After working three months as a Salesforce developer and recently certified, I was really excited to discover this Servicemax "thingy" I heard talking about.

What is Servicemax?

So what is this Servicemax "thingy"? For those of you who are as unknowing as I was, let me give you a short description. Servicemax offers a field service management cloud solution, completely embedded in the Salesforce® platform. Servicemax combines your customer and sales information with field service capabilities for your technicians. Your technicians, dispatchers and service managers will never lose track of their work orders, warranties, stock… (Yes, I fear it would become rather monotonous if I’d list all the elements Servicemax has to offer). On top of all that goodness, Servicemax also offers an offline-capable IPAD application. With Servicemax your technicians are now capable of easy accessing your field service management system from their IPAD devices whilst in the field. The ability to configure all this through Servicemax as well as Force.com offers you a wide range of implementations fit to your own needs.

My Servicemax training

Servicemax training location London

The foundation training consists of two parts. The first week we were asked to watch some self-paced training videos. After watching these and trying out the covered functionalities in my own training org, I was asked to complete a multiple choice exam. The exam was 40 questions long of which I answered 39 correct! I must say I was rather disappointed that I didn’t ace it.

The second week was a four day instructor led training at the Servicemax London headquarters. So there I was on May 6, in my hotel room getting prepped and ready for my first day of training. I left the hotel just to find myself submerged in the busy city life of London. To me it seemed like an endless stream of people rushing by. Oh well I had no other choice than to jump in and make my way to Warnford Court.

And so my training began. After a first introduction round we revised some of the functionalities we had seen during the self-paced training. Later that day the real work started when we had a look at Service plan templates, service contracts, PM plans and all elements they require.

Day two was quite similar. We had a detailed look at how Servicemax handles parts, logistics and inventory. After that, the training had a more technical feel to it. We had a look at service flow manager and wizards. No not wizards like in Harry Potter, more like the well-known windows wizards. Basically a wizard contains a set of actions which the user can activate. After the last module about IPAD configuration we received the highly anticipated case study.

Servicemax certification was a work-out!

To pass the training and obtain the Servicemax certification we were required to successfully complete the provided case study. This case study contained 40 requirements for a fictional customer which covered everything we had seen in the past few days. So day three consisted of working, working and yes working even until late in the evening, trying to complete this case study.

And so day four arrived, presentation day! Each one of the trainees was asked to present their configurations. I must say I was quite nervous. Made me feel like a student again on the day of an exam, oh how I missed that feeling! And yes, that was sarcasm. I think my presentation went really well none the less. Two weeks later I received the good news that I passed the certification! Next up are more advanced training videos which form the after-study.

Servicemax certified consultant 101

Confident in cloud field service management

I must say I believe this training to have been a great success. When I started this training I had zero knowledge about field service and how Servicemax translated this into a cloud application. Now I am confident enough to say that I have built up a solid foundation in the field of field service management and Servicemax. Even though I feel like only scratching the surface of what Servicemax has to offer, I can say that there is a base ready to be extended! I myself am looking forward in doing this in one of the upcoming Servicemax projects at ABSI, eager to dig deeper into the story of field service written by Servicemax.

Lieven Juwet, Salesforce.com Developer

P.S. As a postscript I would like to give MASSIVE kudos to Stephen Elrod who taught us the way of Servicemax through a series of interactive lessons. Thank you for that!