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On 20 October 2016     By Matthias Stroobants      ABSI-Events

Our annual Summer Party was held on Tuesday 13th of September at the Tivoli Castle in Mechelen.

Thanks to the presence of our customers, partners and colleagues it was a great success! 

The expectations were high as the party was taking place at the Tivoli Castle in Mechelen. The gardens surrounding the castle made the atmosphere perfect to accommodate a tasty barbecue.
Although the end of summer was getting close, the sun decided to join us so the temperature rose to 27 degrees! 

The reception


Upon arriving at the Summer Party we had a refreshing “Welcome drink” outside the venue. Our partners, suppliers, customers the ABSI and ASP teams met each other in an informal setting. The perfect opportunity to do some nice networking!

The business update presentation

Although it was sunny outside, the virtual clouds were forming indoors.
Doubi gathered everyone inside to give us a short presentation. You can find the presentation below:

First he updated us on the latest news at ABSI as a company: the main focus was on the split that occurred a few months ago which resulted in two entities: ABSI and ASP

Doubi explained in details the message about the digitalisation of the economy. Digital is transforming all business and all industries in a fundamental way.
Each company must re-invent itself or it will disappear. He talked through the challenge every IT director is facing; how to manage IT transformation while needing to act on digital transformation at the same time. 

To fully explain the challenges Doubi tried to show what the world, and more specifically; the IT world, would look like in 15 years from now.
The impact of the “The Cloud” , of Mobile and “The Internet of Everything” was discussed. Although Michael from Dell could not join the Summer Party he surprised the audience with a video message.  

Finally Doubi explained the Salesforce economy concept and how this company was succeeding. He spend long minutes explaining the Salesforce ecosystems and the numbers of acquisitions Salesforce made in the last months.

The magical barbeque buffet

After the presentation the barbecues were lit and the food was served.
Everyone went outside to relax and sit down at the tables.
Spontaneous conversations were happening everywhere, along with lots of laughter. 

While we were eating, magician and pickpocket Steve Carlin appeared right out of the blue and took us to Wonderland. 

He entertained the crowd with the mysteries of magic.
We knew there had to be a reasonable explanation, but we failed to figure out how he did his tricks.
The entertainment made us forget we were still eating. 

His show was really surprising and fun to watch After Steve Carlin left, the dessert buffet was opened.
Our eyes enjoyed what they saw: dessert in different categories and flavors, great! 

The party was so much fun that we didn't got track of the time. Our last attendees left around 1 PM!
It was a pleasant evening full of fun, interesting conversations and good company.
We got a lot of positive comments from everybody that attended.
We want to thank all the attendees for their presence and to make the ABSI Summer Party the memorable event it became.
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