About Boomi

With 5.300+ customers (including 130 of Fortune 500 companies) Dell Boomi is the world leading enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS). 

Boomi lets you connect any mix of cloud / SaaS and on-premises applications without any software or coding. Boomi allows you to build and deploy any integration processes in hours! 

Enterprises of any size can now have flexibility and scalability in integration deployments at an affordable price. 

About ABSI

Dell Boomi certified partner

ABSI (Advanced Business System Integrator) is a Belgian company, active since 1995 in IT systems integration and consulting. We assist organizations in their enterprise application integration challenges and help accelerate their digital transformation.

In 2002, we became the 1st certified Salesforce partner in Belgium. Since then we have been passionate Salesforce advocates with over 500 successful projects.

ABSI is also a certified Dell Boomi partner. Our team of solution architects, business analysts, consultants and developers can help you leverage the power of Boomi and solve your most complex integration challenges in a cost-effective and rapid way.

More information on www.absi.digital

Contact ABSI

 Belgium Netherlands  France 
+32 (0)2 333 40 00
Humaniteitslaan 224
B-1190 Brussels
+31 (0)30 7672 666
Nevelgaarde 40
3436 ZZ Nieuwegein
+33 (0)6 52 81 11 69
13 Bis Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
F-75007 Paris