Quick Salesforce start for nonprofits

Accelerate is a standard configuration of Converse and Salesforce, based on the best practices from Salesforce implementations at Nonprofits. Added to this is the knowledge ABSI has in this sector. Our goal? Offering a basic implementation plan that enables most small nonprofits to work with Salesforce and an excellent quick start for bigger nonprofits.

Converse Accelerate will help you get on Salesforce quickly. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on your implementation. Converse Accelerate can be done in a month! Thanks to this quick deployment, your environment will be operational in no time. And of course it is possible to add features and get customized configurations on top of the standard package.

Whereas Converse is famous for being the number 1 most complete & easy to use Salesforce CRM solution, specially tailored for mid-size and larger European non-profits, is Converse Accelerate the proven starter-pack for medium and smaller European nonprofits. A solution based on best practices, which can be expanded as your organisation grows.

Key Benefits

Converse Accelerate Processes Best practices Converse Accelerate Quick Converse Accelerate

Cover many processes

Best practices

Value for your money

Standard implementation that gives an excellent starting point for small and mid-sized nonprofits. Implementation that covers best practices out of the different departments of nonprofits. The implementation will be short and you get the best value for your money.

Included in the Accelerate package

Included in the Converse Accelerate package

Want to know more? 

If you want more information about the pricing or how Converse Accelerate can help your fundraising or member organization, feel free to contact us.