ABSI - far beyond system integration




Background information

BIM Media is a Dutch publishing and media company. ABSI developed two mission critical applications, using Force.com, for BIM Media: 'Bouwberichten' and 'Vastgoedmarkt'. This allowed BIM Media to become a company selling digital content.


ABSI implemented the Salesforce.com CRM and Pardot B2B Marketing Automation platform at BIM Media, as part of their 'No Excuses' project. The project is a large CRM and customer support project, using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot. The goal is to give BIM Media a 360° customer view.

Solution approach

The larger part of the project was the implementation of the Salesforce.com CRM for Customer Service, Sales and also Marketing. ABSI's role was to provide training, and do the implementation, integration and data migrations from the old systems to the Salesforce.com platform. The main advantage of this project is that BIM Media had all kinds of customer information, scattered in various systems, and they wanted to bring this data together in Salesforce. This way they will be able to serve their customers in a quicker and better way. Besides Salesforce.com, BIM Media chose Pardot as a marketing automation platform.


By integrating all their different platforms with Salesforce.com BIM Media wanted to have all their customer information in one place. This way they can act more quickly and serve their customers in a better way. The first results of working with Pardot are also promising. The fact that Salesforce.com and Pardot can be easily integrated is a main advantage. Eventually, BIM Media wants to generate better results for their marketing campaigns and simplify the selection process through marketing automation.