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Background information

ABSI has successfully developed a "Loyalty" Portal available to Belgian Renault Customers (My Renault) where the users gets an online "maintenance agenda" . It was developed for for Renault Belgium & Luxembourg.

The solution, developed using the Salesforce platform Force.com, is integrated with SmartFocus for generation of personalized newsletters or email alerts and has a back-end for portal content management. There are significant advantages in terms of speed, lower risk and cost-effectiveness with solution development on the cloud platform Force.com.

MyRenault has also been profiled by Salesforce in their own case study (written in Dutch).

The project was featured in Cloud Magazine with an article posted January 7 2013 by François Tonic.

The MyRenault project has won a number of awards. This post from May 2013 outlines the Cuckoo marketing awards presented to MyRenault and in October 2013, it won yet more awards at the US Content Marketing Awards 2013.


The Challenge was to build a "Loyalty" Portal available to Belgian Renault Customers (MyRenault) where the user gets an online "maintenance agenda of their vehicle(s), right after ordering it and can receive special offers and after sales promotions. The portal also had to be interactive offering polls and contests.

Solution approach

Here is the home page screen of MyRenault. Consumers can register multiple cars for family members. The timeline has the correct model image and icons for different maintenance items over time.Newsletter & Email alerts : Integration with SmartFocus in order to send a My Renault personalised newsletter with the summary of the advantages and news about their vehicle(s) + Notifications by email fired by specific events like the creation/registration of a new vehicle in Salesforce.

Campaign Management Tool: In the back-end, we are also providing a complete development inside their Salesforce that will allow Renault to manage their Portal content and create all the targeted campaigns.

Integration: Complete synchronisation with a mass email cloud solution, SmartFocus, allows Renault to post a monthly dynamic Newsletter with a recap of specific driver portal content at that moment. SmartFocu is also used to send registration invitations to new potential portal users depending on Salesforce data triggers such as new Maintenance invoice, New order etc.


  • Salesforce : Customer portal licence, force.com Site
  • Pervsasive : Middleware to interface AS400 DB2 +


The portal allows Renault to be close to the customer. It makes it possible to create targeted and efficient marketing campaigns based on personal information, car information, mileage and season.

Besides the Register and Sign-in pages built with Force.com Sites, by entering to "MyRenault.be", the user has access to :

  • Detailed information about the last invoices & a complete dynamic timeline with future check-ups & a Km estimate, ..
  • Dynamic & targeted advice, advantages and news with the possibility to print personalized promo vouchers
  • Pick a preferred dealer and have the information about the closest garage.
  • Contact Renault customer relationship service by email.

The result for Renault is that they have more loyal clients and significantly more business for local dealers with lower costs.In just 2 years there are over 100,000 active members.