Manage agile projects and deployments in one and the same easy-to-use tool

With our years of consultancy experience we know the strong and weak points of a standard Salesforce deployment. It can be cumbersome and take up quite some time gathering all the configuration files. This is where Rellex comes in to boost your success. 
Rellex will help you manage your projects, releases, sprints and user stories by being an easy-to-use project management tool. At the same time, Rellex will help you track configuration changes directly on your user stories. This will help you remember what you modified in your Salesforce environment and it will save time when you have to deploy your changes to another environment. Once you are ready to deploy, there's no need to create a changeset. Rellex can deploy user stories for you!

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Manage your projects within one workspace

Manage your projects within one workspace

Rellex helps you manage your projects by tracking releases, sprints and user stories. Rellex provides a clear view on your project status thanks to its project workspace.

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Take advantage of the Rellex boards

Take advantage of the Rellex boards

Rellex provides a set of boards that will help you manage your user stories. Track the state of your current sprints with the storyboard or schedule your backlog items using the sprint planning board.

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Track configuration changes directly

Track configuration changes directly

Did you have to create a new field, object or any other type of configuration file in one of your Salesforce environments? With Rellex you can link any of these configuration files directly to a user story. You can now keep track of any changes and search in no time for the configuration files using different filter options!

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Deployments made easy

Deployments made easy

Rellex allows you to deploy user stories instead of configuration files. There’s no need to search for all the configuration files before you can start your deployment. Thanks to the tracking of configuration files on user stories, Rellex knows exactly what has to be deployed.

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