Rellex was born out of our years of consultancy experience on the platform. We all experienced the strong and weak points of a standard deployment. Creating changesets and adding your developed components is not always a walk in the park. If you have a small number of components, then change sets often work fine. But if you have quite a lot, then it can get cumbersome to manage a successful deployment.

In all projects you need to capture requirements, analyse them and execute them. Some projects can take up to a couple of months to complete, remembering what metadata you changed in the first requirement is often a challenge when you need to deploy a complete sprint. This is where Rellex comes in.

Rellex combines project management with release management in Salesforce. You can track all your requirements and at the same time track what metadata was changed for each requirement. When you are ready to deploy the changes to another environment, you can simply select which requirements you want to deploy. No need to compose a changeset, the metadata is already linked to your requirements and Rellex uses this information to prepare your deployment.

 For more info, please download the Rellex user manual.

Manage your projects within a workspace

Rellex helps you manage your projects by tracking releases, sprints and user stories. Rellex provides a clear view on your project status thanks to the project workspace.

Project dashboard

Take advantage of the Rellex boards

Rellex provides a set boards that will help you manage your user stories. Track the state of your current sprint with the storyboard or schedule you backlog items using the sprint planning board.

Sprint planning

Track configuration changes directly on the user story

Did you have to create a new field, object or any other type of configuration in one of your Salesforce environments? With Rellex you can link these new or updated configuration files directly to a user story, allowing you to keep track of what was changed for each user story. Search for the configuration files using different filter options to find what you are looking for in no time!

Tracking changes
Tracking changes

Deployments made easy

Rellex allows you to deploy user stories instead of configuration files. There’s no need to search for all the configuration files before you can start your deployment. Thanks to the tracking of configuration files on user stories, Rellex knows what has to be deployed.


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