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Atomsphere® of Dell Boomi is an integration platform allowing build and deployment of integration processes in hours! You can connect any mix of cloud, SaaS, or on-premises applications without software or coding. Enterprises of any size can have flexibility and scalability in integration deployments at an affordable price. It removes the  biggest challenge in adopting cloud architecture: integration of on-premise and SaaS applications.


Dell Boomi Growth infographic

The World's largest integration cloud

Dell Boomi announced in early 2013 that application integrations using Dell Boomi AtomSphere were over 1 million cloud-managed integration processes each day. Dell Boomi also declared it to be the world’s largest integration cloud saying it can support up to “3x more integrations than nearest competitor“.

ABSI: Certified Dell Boomi partner

ABSI is a certified Dell Boomi partner and we have consultants and developers with Dell Boomi certification. We can help you achieve your integration goals cost-effectively and rapidly using Dell Boomi Atomsphere™.

Why Dell Boomi?

AtomSphere sits in the cloud and is a pioneering cloud integration platform. With a simple intuitive interface, you can create integrations via a drag and drop interface. Wizards guide the user through the configuration of connectors so you do not have to learn complex APIs for web services technology such as SOAP, WSDL, and Java. AtomSpherei is also social and has harnessed the power of the community. Application integration can be even more rapid as an increasing number of pre-built connectors and process maps are available via Dell Boomi Suggest, based on the user community of Dell Boomi AtomShpere™. 

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The pricing is by subscription and is based on the number of applications you integrate.

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