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Imagine that you have a magic box with Predictive Intelligence, which can reach your customers with the right offer at the right time and at the right place. Giving you a complete view of your customer data to optimize your marketing strategy. Taking customers on the 1:1 journeys they choose. Gathering key insights to strengthen your relationship with each customer at every stage.

This magic box is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the #1 and most powerful digital Marketing platform.

How does this work?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the ability to be connected with your customers through any device on any channel from email, mobile, social media, ads and web.
Marketing Cloud offers Single-channel Apps to help you achieve your goals and drive more engagement.

Email Studio 

With Email Studio, you create a special place in your customer’s inbox. Don’t waste time, automate and manage your promotional, transactional and triggered email marketing campaigns. Email Studio has all content creation and sending tools that you need for giving your customer the right content on the right time.

Mobile Studio

Allows you to manage real-time alerts and notifications with your customers on SMS, MMS, with Push notifications and OTT apps like Facebook Messenger. Geo-target your customers with Mobile Studio and create an “always-connected experience”. 

Social Studio

If you want to build meaningful relationships with your customers, and want to know every word they are saying about you on social media and on the internet, Social Studio allows you to listen, publish, engage and most importantly analyze to better understand your customers and build more efficient Customer Journeys. Social Studio is integrated into Sales Cloud, Service Cloud with social customer care.

Advertising Studio

Is your customer's data coming from multiple sources? Do you want to manage your ad campaigns with a secure way? With Advertising Studio, you can now activate your data to personalize advertising, run ads across all channels including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, mobile and display. Capture leads from Facebook directly into Salesforce. Create and launch ads within Journey Builder.

Web Studio

Connect every interaction, predict and personalize the content on your web microsite and landing pages with Web Studio that allows you to create personalized and dynamic content based on the behavior and attributes of your customers. 

Journey Builder

With Journey Builder, you can manage the Customer Journey across any channel and during the entire lifecycle. Start your journey with the right audience, orchestrate that across the right channel, automate every interaction, integrate all of this with Sales and Service. Turn every campaign into a journey.

Audience Builder

Helps you better target your sends and run more relevant and personalized campaigns for your customers. Audience Builder lets you segment your subscribers in sophisticated ways. These ways are based on a deep understanding of your customer attributes and behavior,  creating  dynamic targeted audience segments. This predictive intelligence will leverage the way you use to identify the contacts most likely to engage.

Personalization Builder

When a customer interacts with your content across email, mobile or buys a product from your website, wouldn’t it be very powerful to have an app that can automatically determine the next best content or product for that exact customer? 
Personalization Builder allows you to deliver the right content based on your customer preferences with affinity and propensity algorithms that run on top of that data and then predict the next best offer.

Content Builder

Offers you the best tools to design, build and track content across all digital channels. With advanced filtering and searching capabilities, you can manage your content easily in a single location and then use this content into the 1:1 Customer Journey. 

Marketing Cloud Connect

In the age of Customer, the customer experience is more than marketing. Everything and everyone is connected. Salespeople, marketers and support service work as a unit with Marketing Cloud connect.

Analytics Builder

Is the place where you go to monitor on-going engagements and to look at your results to get insights and reportings across all your campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not working to improve your strategy. Analytics Builder is also the place where you have metrics about your email campaigns (clicks, opens, unsubscribes, ...). You can share reports with your colleagues and work on campaign performances to optimize the presence of your brand and adjust your marketing.

Advantages for your company

The automation of the Customer Experience across any channel will make your marketing team  smarter and more productive. Marketers will better analyze, manage and optimize their current marketing strategy. This will give them more time to focus on their most  crucial Marketings tasks. 

You will understand the needs of your customer.  You will be able to reach your customers across any device and any channel. This will build a strong relationship and customer loyalty towards your brand. With advanced personalization and dynamic content, you will reach your customers with relevant content and give them the best impression they can get.

With Marketing Cloud you can now drive more customer engagement, increase your ROI (Return On Investment), and build a great marketing for your brand.

At ABSI, we always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We help them to implement Marketing Cloud in a right way, so that our customers gets the full advantages of its great features. Our highly skilled and certified experts will help you to deploy a successful marketing strategy. What are you waiting for? Read our Marketing Implementation Guide or Contact us NOW for a DEMO.

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