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Guide the customer journey with Pardot marketing automation

Communication is of major importance throughout the complete sales cycle. In a highly competitive industry you should approach your customers and prospects in a personalized way and send out targeted messages. The Pardot marketing automation platforms allows marketers and sales to automate the marketing and sales cycle and simplify the Return on Investment (ROI) measurement.

ABSI can help you with the implementation of the Pardot marketing automation platform. Our team of certified Pardot consultants will guide you through the following steps:

  • Identify your business needs & challenges
  • Setup of the Pardot platform
  • Pardot & Salesforce integration
  • Integration with other third party connectors
  • Tips & tricks to set up your business' customer journey process: lead generation, qualification & nurturing, ROI reporting

For detailed information you can download our Pardot brochure and learn more about our offering.

Features of the Pardot marketing automation platform

Lead Generation

Pardot allows you to:

  • Track visitors and prospects on your website through cookies
  • Set up forms with progressive profiling abilities
  • Host and monitor gated content

Lead Qualification

How interesting is the prospect's profile for your business? - Discover your most qualified leads through Pardot's grading feature

Pardot's grading feature allows you to segment your prospects per business line and level of importance. Via progressive profiling the prospect is prompted to provide you with more information about his profile (cf. job title, company size, location etc.). The information provided to you by the prospect will trigger automated rules that will divide your prospects in different groups (cf. marketing personae) and they will receive a grade varying between A and D.

How interested is the prospect in your business? - Monitor and score prospect activities on your website, social media etc.

Monitor and score prospect activities such as:

  • Webpage visits: blogs, videos etc.
  • Social media link clicks
  • Gated content downloads
  • etc.

Lead Nurturing

Warm up your most valuable prospects with drip programs and email campaigns and generate hot leads.

  • Drip programs: send out targeted emails based on a prospect's activities and interests. Build drip programs via a user-friendly drag & drop interface.
  • Email campaigns: send personalized emails to your customers and prospects via the user-friendly email editor tool.

Prospect lifecycle & ROI reporting

Measure Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns via Pardot. Pardot reporting also allows you to monitor the results of your email, drip and social media campaigns. Another advantage of Pardot is that you can expand your reporting possibilies through third party connectors.

Pardot & Salesforce Integration

The Pardot Marketing Automation platform and the Salesforce.com CRM are complementary tools. The integration of both platforms enables extra capabilites to monitor the customer journey. The combination of both platforms will provide you with a 360° customer view.

Pardot Integration with other third party connectors

Besides the integration with Salesforce, Pardot can easily be integrated with other digital marketing tools:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Webinar & event tools: GoToWebinar, WebEx, ReadyTalk, Eventbrite
  • Sales & customer support tools: Twilio mobile alerts, Olark chat
  • Google analytics & Google AdWords

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