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Training and knowledge transfer is a critical aspect when introducing a new solution to your staff and end user community. An adequate training not only ensures the success of the implementation, but also your users’ satisfaction with this new solution.

ABSI Academy is meant to extensively cover you in all key aspects of your Salesforce CRM implementation. Our training offering is based on 15+ years of experience in the Salesforce platform and in-depth-trainings for all kinds of Salesforce user roles.

ABSI Silver Academy 
ABSI Gold Academy

In your office or at ABSI
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This offering provides standard courses for individual participants from different companies, covering the use of the Salesforce CRM and the following Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot.

For whom?

  • Salesforce end users (beginners and power users)
  • Salesforce admins


At ABSI, Blvd de l’Humanité 224, 1190 Brussels


After each course, we will provide training materials, such as:
  • User manuals
  • Presentation decks
  • Class courses

What will you learn in the Silver Academy?

1. Introduction to Salesforce (1 day)

Before starting any CRM project it is important that all participants have a similar level of knowledge.

During this day participants who are new to Salesforce will get a helicopter view of the CRM platform and its out-of-the box features. Depending on the needs, the session will focus on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud.

Objectives :
  • Enable the members of your project team (including key users) to understand and leverage the capabilities of Salesforce in your organization
  • Make sure your CRM Project Team and ABSI consultants speak the same language
  • Prepare the project workshops and interviews
  • Trigger discussions and ideas in an early stage of the project

2. Salesforce for beginners (3 day)

This training targets future end users who are completely new to Salesforce and need to start working efficiently with the product right after the training.

During this training, packed with best practices, you will learn the basic concepts of Salesforce, the user interface and all the features that are key to perform your daily work.

Objectives :

After a first 1 day session, you will be building your Salesforce experience during a few weeks (we recommend at least 3 weeks) of hands-on experience before finishing your training with a 2 days session.
  • Session 1 (1day): Prepare end users with the basic skills in Salesforce
  • Session 2 (2 days): Get end users fully up and running in Salesforce

3. Salesforce for advanced users (2 days)

Power users can be considered as experienced end users. As such they are often the first contact for other users within your organization for support and guidance. Power users have an in-depth knowledge of how Salesforce can be used. They can also perform tasks focused on increasing the productivity of the other end users and teams. By the end of this training you will be able to immediately increase productivity within your teams of end users.

Objectives :
  • Build Salesforce expertise in order to support end users in their daily work
  • Build the skills to perform operations that are typically allowed by a restricted group of employees
  • Enable students to directly apply best practices for end users and teams in their organization

4. Salesforce for administrators (1-2 days per topic)

These trainings are designed for advanced users who want to become admins. It is recommended, but not required, that before attending these sessions, students have completed the course “Salesforce for advanced users”.

You can pick up to 5 modules, including:

1. Customization and Configuration
This module focuses on how to customize Salesforce to meet your specific needs. It includes topics like the creation and configuration of objects, the page layout design, etc.

2. Security Model
This training provides information about the Salesforce security model, the setup of users, profiles and roles, data privacy and sharing.

3. Reporting
In this module you will learn how to create a report within Salesforce, using views, charts, reports or dashboards.

4. Data management
This module focuses on the techniques, the tools and the best practices required to import data to Salesforce.

5. Process automation
During this session you will learn how to automate business processes, using tools like workflow rules, process builder or flows.

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Most of our larger customers prefer our Gold Academy formula where the training programme and the materials are fully customized to your company, your strategy and the specific roles of every participant.

These activities are performed by one of our Salesforce certified trainers.

Examples of tailor made training plans and materials can be offered upon request. Together with you, we can conceive the right training according to your needs.

For whom?

  • Salesforce end users (beginners and power users)
  • Salesforce admins


In your office or at ABSI.


All Gold Academy trainings are tailor-made to your needs and meant to cover your business processesAccording to your needs and desires we will create bespoke materials, such as:

  • User manuals
  • Presentation decks
  • Class courses
The Gold Academy is also e-learning-ready. We think this is the most effective approach when it comes to deliver short and directed sessions.
Our e-learning approach is a blend of introductory-level, virtual classroom (Live Meeting) learning and targeted hands-on classroom training for specific roles. The level of “blend” varies based on usage. Knowledge transfer and documentation costs will vary depending on the implementation.

What will you learn in the Gold Academy?

1. Salesforce for end users (3 days)

This training will help all your end users, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced, to have a thorough understanding of the system and get fully productive with Salesforce. Our end user training is scenario-based according to your needs and challenges. It entails a detailed walkthrough of your system, your various workflows implemented and all your UAT test cases. 
ABSI offers a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience with practical examples to train you on specific concepts. Upon request we can also drill down to a variety of targeted topics. 

2. Salesforce for administrators (2 days)

This training is targeted at your IT team. After coaching your end user team, we can give your IT team further training to understand the technical aspects and details required to administer the system.

This entails the following components:
  • Explaining the solution maintenance and administration
  • Handing over code bits
  • Conducting design and code walkthroughs

3. Train the Trainer (1-2 days)

This is the way to go if you want someone from your team to train other end users in your company.

During this session, we will explain you business scenarios, processes and activities to give your trainer(s) an overall understanding of the developed solution. Associated documentation may include workflows and notifications.

Ready to discuss your specific training needs with us? Contact us now.