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The Leading Cloud App Platform

With the Salesforce platform you can build social and mobile apps to transform your business in just weeks! Trusted by 100,000+ customers, the Salesforce Platform can revolutionise your business. You can make create innovative Apps to connect your enterprise with employees and customers.

The Salesforce Platform has:

  • Force.com: Build powerful apps and customize Salesforce to your needs
  • Heroku: Developers build and scale web applications in any programming language
  • Database.com: A powerful and scalable cloud database for your applications
  • Site.com: Design and publish websites, social pages at speed with Cloud CMS

ABSI and Cloud App Development

You can move any business application to the cloud. We build fully integrated cloud-based applications, rapidly and efficiently on the Force.com platform. You can get fast, low risk application development in the cloud with all the benefits of modest operating costs, no capital expenditure, scalability and flexibility.


Force.com is the fastest way to build mobile and social apps that connect you with your customers.

With Force.com you measure development in minutes, not months.  Your apps get security, are instantly social and mobile-ready. You can launch your first app in minutes using drag-and-drop tools, auto-generated user interfaces, pre-built components, and pre-designed templates.  

It's easy to build rich forms and to create real-time reports with just drag and drop.  Collaboration is automatically a part of every app you build. Visual process workflow lets you add complex business logic to all your apps. You can create the user interface you want, integrate with other systems and
all you build with Force.com is ready for mobile, whether  iPads, iPhones, and other smart devices. 

Built-in services mean you do not need to worry about servers and software. Force.com scales seamlessly as your needs grow.


Heroku is a cloud platform supporting several programming languages. With Heroku you can build and deploy social and mobile consumer apps with speed and control.


Database.com is the leading cloud database and is ideal for for building and deploying social and mobile consumer apps.


Sites.com is the first Web CMS in the cloud. With it you can deliver websites and digital marketing at amazing speed. Anyone can drag-and-drop to design websites or social pages. Once created, you can publish anywhere: corporate sites, social sites, mobile sites.


With Salesforce ChatterĀ® you can energise your sales, service and marketing. It's a brand-new way to collaborate with others at work. Your business becomes connected, social and smart!
Chatter connects people and information, fast. It's the collaboration platform that works seamlessly across every application, even legacy technologies, to make your data shareable, searchable, social.  

Salesforce Chatter helps you collaborate faster with your co-workers using Salesforce CRM. And you can use it wherever you are - it runs on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberries and other mobile devices. The right people are kept in the loop with automated  push of the right information to them such as status of important projects or deals.

Chatter allows your sales team instant access to expertise from across your company and to close deals faster. Chatter helps customer service to share information, solve customer issues faster and connect customers with experts who can help. In marketing, Chatter can send updates across the company in seconds, sharing key materials and keep the enterprise tuned to the same message.

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