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ABSI has brains for Salesforce

What we offer is:

  • Brains: We think with you!
  • Expertise: In-depth knowledge of Salesforce
  • Experience: 100s of salesforce.com projects
  • Development: Force.com platform
  • Integration: Salesforce to any system
  • Full-service: Whole range of Salesforce services 

Brains: We think with you!

If you have a tough challenge, be assured that we are particularly skilled in complex customisations and system integration. We also have the wisdom of a Salesforce veteran!

With a full range of Salesforce consultancy services, we were the first salesforce.com partner in Belgium. Now we are growing also in The Netherlands! Our experience is built on a huge portfolio of successful Salesforce implementations going back to 2002. You can benefit from our team's expertise and enormous experience and can achieve a fully integrated CRM solution in amazingly short time-scales.  

Expertise: In-depth knowledge of Salesforce 

We are a Gold Cloud  Alliance Partner of salesforce.com and have certified project managers, consultants, engineers and developers. Our team has expertise across the whole Salesforce platform: the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Force.com and for Radian6 or Marketing projects. We use professional structured methodologies to manage and deliver projects. Using best practices,, we combine careful business process analysis, thoughtful re-design in a phased approach. The result is optimal design with effective and efficient implementation. 

Experience: Hundreds of Salesforce Implementations 

Just some of our customers are Renault, Careers International, SDU, Rossel, Medtronic, Komatsu, Vera, Solvay, Fly VLM, Barco, Score Integrated, Eurogentec, Westburg and others. Industries include airlines, banking and financial services, biotechnology, construction, pharmaceuticals, industry and manufacturing. An area of particular expertise is media and publishing where we are extremely experienced. Our work for Rossel and Sanoma are good examples.

Develop: Force.com platform

You can move any business application to the cloud. We build fully integrated cloud-based applications, rapidly and efficiently on the Force.com platform. You can get fast, low risk application development in the cloud with all the benefits of modest operating costs, no capital expenditure, scalability and flexibility.

Integrate: Salesforce to any system

Our partner, Pervasive Software™ is a data integration market leader with impressive, flexible and cost-effective out of the box solutions. Via Pervasive solutions we can integrate on-premise (legacy) systems with cloud-based applications or any integration configuration your require. Even cloud-based integration is possible with Integration as a Service which we deliver via the Pervasive DataCloud® solution.

Full service: Full range of Salesforce implementation services

What we can do for you includes:

  • Our Business Process Review and Analysis 
  • Associated process design and blueprint 
  • Study of organisational alignment /Project objectives
  • Full solution design (solution architecture) 
  • Phased approach
  • Project Management (including a full project plan with detailed planning, milestones and deadlines)
  • Salesforce.com Setup, Customization, workflow
  • Force.com Developments: Build any application
  • Data/Application integration (with enterprise systems, partners, web portals)
  • Mobile integration 
  • Data Preparation | Cleansing | Import | Synchronisation
  • Admin and user training
  • Best practice knowledge transfer

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